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Imran Khan Confirms Divorce With Avantika Malik, Says Girlfriend Lekha Is Not A ‘Homewrecker'

Imran Khan, in a new interview, opened up about his relationship with Lekha Washington. The actor claims that he got divorced way before beginning new romance.

Imran Khan | Image:Instagram

Imran Khan, in a new interview, finally admitted to being in a relationship with Lekha Washington. While the actor was rumoured to dating Lekha for more than a year now, the couple never officially confirmed their link up. In a new interview, the Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na actor not only confirmed the news but also shared that he is divorced and started dating much after parting ways with his wife. 

Imran Khan says he and Avatika parted ways before he began dating Lekha 

In a tell-all interview with Vogue, Imran Khan broke his silence on his marriage with Avantika Malik. The actor told the publication that he split with his wife in 2019 after being married for more than eight years. He also admitted that he began dating Lekha much after his divorce from Avantika. 

Imran Khan with Lekha Washington | Image: Instagram 

The actor told the publication, “The speculation that I’m romantically involved with Lekha Washington is true. I’m divorced and have been separated since February 2019.” in the same conversation, Imran also addressed the ‘homewrecker’ tag attached to Lekha Washington by social media users who assumed that she came in between the actor and his wife. He clarified that he met Lekha only after a year of being separated from his wife. He added, “Lekha and I grew close during the lockdown, a year and a half after I had been separated from Avantika and almost a year after she had separated from her partner, not husband as it has been widely reported.” 


Imran Khan reveals why he left Bollywood

During the same interview, Imran Khan recalled leaving Bollywood due to mental health struggles. He said, "I simply couldn’t be bothered to invest the time, energy and effort required to stay in this profession. I couldn’t bring myself to go to parties and socialise with people in the hope that someone would offer me a film."

A file photo of Imran Khan | Image: Instagram 

He continued, "I felt damaged on the inside and I wanted to fix that. If you pull a hamstring, you go to the physiotherapist. You don’t feel good mentally? Seek therapy." He further added, “This was one of those defining decisions of my life. If you speak to someone who has given up an addiction or gone off alcohol, they could tell you the exact number of days they’ve been sober. It’s the same for me with my mental health. It’s been 2,500 days since I started my analysis on March 13, 2017.”


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