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Kedarnath Director Abhishek Kapoor Recalls Sushant Singh Rajput Being 'Disturbed' During Filming

Sushant Singh Rajput headlined 2018 film Kedarnath. Film director Abhishek Kapoor has now revealed the actor's state of mind while filming the disaster drama.

Sushant Singh Rajput | Image:X

The year 2018 saw Sushant Singh Rajput feature in Abhishek Kapoor's disaster drama, Kedarnath. The film incidentally served as Sara Ali Khan's acting debut along side the Ranveer Singh led Singham, which released in the same month. Kedarnath director Abhishek Kapoor recently shed light on how the actor's state of mind, while shooting for the film.


Abhishek Kapoor gives an insight into Sushant Singh Rajput's state of mind during Kedarnath

In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Abhishek Kapoor revealed how Sushant had been struggling at the time of filming for Kedarnath. Describing his state of mind as "disturbed", the director further revealed the reason behind it as feeling "isolated" and "helpless". 




He said, "He was a bit disturbed in those days. He was a very strong guy mentally and physically he could take on anything. He was a great guy. I think he was finding himself to be very isolated and quite helpless. He was drifting away."

Abhishek Kapoor recalls Sushant Singh Rajput's daring nature

The interview also saw Abhishek Kapoor recall how it was Sushant's zeal to shoot an overnight rain sequence in freezing temperatures which also inspired Sara Ali Khan to follow suit. Not just this, Kapoor recalled how Sushant had been overweight at the time of auditioning for the film. He had been offered the role on the contingency of him getting himself back in shape - a challenge he wholeheartedly committed to. 

He said, "Sushant led the way. He did it first and the next day Sara saw him doing it and she also realized that okay if this guy is doing it, I will also do. That’s what drove her to do it." Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in June  it2020, in Mumbai. He was 34 at the time of his passing. 


Published March 5th, 2024 at 00:06 IST