Updated March 5th, 2024 at 00:01 IST

Ranveer Singh Pushed For Kiara Advani To Be Cast In Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3: Report

Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani will headline the film Don 3. As per a new report, the actress's role in the film came upon Ranveer's insistence.

Kiara Advani Joins Don 3 Cast, To Star Opposite Ranveer Singh | Image:Instagram

Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani are all set to headline the upcoming film Don 3. The third part of the franchise, the film is one of the most anticipated movies of the coming year. As per new reports, it was Ranveer Singh who pushed for Kiara Advani to be a part of the film. 

Ranveer Singh chose Kiara Advani out of top choices for Don 3

Last year Ranveer Singh was announced as the leading man in the upcoming film Don 3. While the announcement was met with flak, the actor urged the audience to wait for him to prove his calibre. Months later, Kiara Advani was announced as the leading lady of the franchise.

A source close to the development has told Bollywood Hungama that Ranveer Singh tipped the scales in Kiara’s favour for the film. As per the publication, “Farhan Akhtar had short-listed two girls for Don 3, and it was Ranveer Singh who was very keen to have Kiara Advani on board. The two share a very comfortable bond off-screen and Ranveer felt that the off-screen bond would transform beautifully on the screen. Farhan then went to Kiara Advani and pitched her character.” 

Kiara Advani charges a whopping amount for Don 3?

As per Bollywood Hungama, Kiara had charged top dollar for Don 3. The producers were delighted to give her the largest paycheck of her career. "Kiara Advani has charged Rs. 13 crores to come on board Don 3. It's the biggest that she charged to date and the actress is all charged up to prep for the big-scale action scenes of Don 3. The amount that Kiara has fetched for Don 3 is almost 50 percent higher than what she is getting for another action film, War 2 with Hrithik Roshan and JR. NTR," the source told the publication. 


Published March 5th, 2024 at 00:01 IST