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Rapper Naezy Says 'Fictionalised' Version Of His Life In Gully Boy Caused Him 'Psychological Harm'

Rapper Naezy said that Gully Boy success helped him attain fame but some portions in the movie which were fictionalised, caused him psychological harm.

Rapper Naezy and Ranveer Singh | Image:IANS

Rapper Naezy, whose life was fictionalised in the 2019 hit film Gully Boy, starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, has said that some of the portions in the film were not true and that caused him "psychological harm". However, he maintained that he also benefitted from the film's release as it earned him fame in the media and made him a popular name in India.

Ranveer Singh in a still from Gully Boy ~ Image: IMDb

Naezy criticises Gully Boy, says 'it changed my life for positive and the negative'

At the time when Gully Boy released, the Zoya Akhtar directorial was pegged to seek inspiration from the lives of rapper Naezy and Divine, their friendship and their rise to fame as some if India's most popular rappers. In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Naezy said that most things in Gully Boy were fictionalised and it affected him in a positive and a negative way.


File photo of rapper Naezy ~ Image: IMDb 

"The movie fictionalised everything. The real story was not shown in it. They show that the father gets married a second time that Murad cheats on his girlfriend, such things never happened in my life. I have never two-timed in a relationship. I only have one mom and dad. It a fact that I am from a Muslim family and have music on an I-pad. Rest shown in the film is untrue. It has been fictionalised."

Naezy promises to return with his 'real story'

Naezy, whose real name is Naved Shaikh, said that Gully By fictionalised his story but he will be back with his "real story". "I will return with the  real story and tell the world. Gully Boy changed my life for positive and the negative. It caused me psychological harm. My personal story was twisted and presented, Business-wise I benefitted. I got recoginition. I did not need validation. I am not dependant on Bollywood. I have benefitted from it and my name came to be known in the media," he added.












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