Updated January 12th, 2024 at 18:04 IST

Rohit Shetty Opens Up About Consequence Of Box Office Pressure On Actors: Sab Dare Huye Hai

Rohit Shetty is awaiting the release of his series Indian Police Force. The director opened up about the consequences of social media and box office pressures.

Rohit Shetty | Image:Rohit Shetty/Instagram

Rohit Shetty is gearing up for the release of his maiden web series Indian Police Force. The show stars Sidharth Malhotra in the lead role and will begin streaming on January 19. Ahead of the release, the filmmaker opened up about the pressures of the box office. 

Rohit Shetty says he misses the old days when actors were not afraid 

Rohit Shetty recently sat for a conversation with Film Companion wherein he opened up about how the actors of today are scared. Justifying the same he noted that in olden times an actor’s craft did not depend on box office business or social media scrutiny of their films. He argued that several actors hold themselves back and make calculated decisions fearing the impact of social media. 

The Singham franchise hitmaker claimed, “Actors were fearless, abhi sab dare huve hai, ki kya comment aanewala hai uss chakkar mein na kaam hi nahi kar rahe hai, karo kaam, hit hoyega flop hoyega, giringe uthenge, karte raho, abhi sab dare huve hain so I think I miss that alot. (Nowadays actors are working less fearing backlash. Keep working, the film is a hit or flop that does not matter, if you fail, you fail, everyone is scared now.)”   

When Rohit Shetty said today’s actors are insecure, seek social media validation 

Rohit Shetty recently appeared in a popular chat show. The filmmaker spoke about how young actors are heavily dependent on social media. He mentioned, “I think too much insecurity or too much validation they need from social media, from people they don't know. I think they are very insecure, I mean I don't know why, but maybe they have their own thing because they are born in this generation.”

Rohit Shetty has two big projects in his pipeline. Following the release of Sidharth Malhotra starrer Indian Police Force, the director will get back to working on Singham Again. The film is the third part in the Singham franchise headlined by Ajay Devgn and the fifth film in the director’s cop universe. 



Published January 12th, 2024 at 18:04 IST