Updated February 23rd, 2024 at 19:11 IST

Taylor Swift's Sydney Tour Turns Into A Nightmare Due To Sudden Storm; Fans Evacuated Safely | Watch

Taylor Swift's recent concert in Sydney suffered a setback after the location was hit by a sudden storm ending up with fans being evacuated.

Taylor Swift | Image:X

Thousands of Taylor Swift fans in Sydney experienced an unexpected twist during the highly anticipated concert at Accor Stadium. As excitement filled the air and fans eagerly awaited the performance, a sudden storm hit the venue prompting organisers to swiftly evacuate the floor section as a precautionary measure.

What more do we know about Taylor Swift’s Sydney havoc?

Reports indicate that the storm, along with lightning strikes, arrived less than an hour before the scheduled start time on Friday evening. Despite initial assurances from Accor Stadium that the concert would proceed "rain or shine," severe weather conditions demanded a different course of action.



However, disappointed concertgoers cooperated calmly with the evacuation efforts and actively prioritised safety amidst the stormy weather.

Inside the stadium, chaos made fans seek shelter from the unexpected storm. Uncertainty surrounding whether the show would proceed as planned or face cancellation continues. Organisers on the other hand released a statement urging attendees to remain patient and follow instructions from venue staff while staying undercover until further notice.




Accor Stadium wrote on X, “IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR TONIGHT (23 FEB)Please note, due to weather, the show start time has been delayed. Stay undercover until further notice and follow venue screens and staff instructions. Stay safe and remember to be kind to those around you.”

Taylor Swift resumes Sydney tour amid weather fear


As we write, Taylor Swift has already taken centre stage and resumed her Sydeney concert after hours of delay. The highlight of which remains Sabrina Carpenter joining Taylor to sing a medley of White Horse and Coney Island. The video is already going viral on the internet.


Published February 23rd, 2024 at 19:11 IST