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Vikrant Massey Quit TV Despite Earing ₹35 Lakh A Month - Here's How His Parents Reacted

Vikrant Massey, in a new interview, recalled his parent's reaction to his decision to quit television. He recalled letting go of a ₹35 Lacs contract.

A file photo of Vikrant Massey | Image:Instagram

Vikrant Massey was an established name in the television industry. The actor featured in popular television soaps like Balika Vadhu. In a new interview, Vikrant opened up about his decision to quit television and how it was received by his family members. 

Vikrant Massey says his parents were ‘surprised’ with his decision 

In an interview with Unfiltered With Samdish, Vikrant Massey opened up about the time he decided to quit television. The actor recalled doing good for himself on the platform and mining good money. Vikrant started working in television at the age of 17 and claimed to have bought his first house at the age of 24. 

Vikrant Massey in Balika Vadhu | Image: Vikrant Massey/IMDb

Recalling his brave decision, the 12th Fail actor said his parents were ‘shocked’ when he decided to leave television, he remembered letting go of a ₹35 Lacs contract when he took the decision. The actor remembered, “At the age of 24, I was earning Rs 35 lakh per month, especially for someone who comes from a middle-class background. I quit TV at the time when I had a Rs 35 lakh per month contract in my hand.” He elaborated that his parents were ‘shocked’ by his decision and said, “My parents were surprised when I said that I want to restart in films.” 


Vikrant Massey on why he decided to quit television 

In the same interview, Vikrant opened up about the weirdest day for him on a film set. The actor said, “There were many, which were happening repetitively, which is why I left TV. Universally, everyone was doing the same thing. Be it any field, when a certain thing works, only its versions are then replicated. So on TV when misogynistic content worked, which included bahu pe atyavchaar, there were takers as well so people were making just that for TRP,” Vikrant said.


The actor recalled even after doing TV serials for 10 years he did not find his calling. He remembered, “On TV, a lot of irritating things would happen, like MBAs calling the shots on stories. They would say, ‘Make only these kinds of episodes for rating, as per our internal research.’ “They really made a fool out of many by saying this ‘internal research’ and asking for a ‘maha episode’, which would be of one hour. After a point, I fought with them and said I won’t do it.” He recalled feeling underutilised as an actor and said, “I thought I can do a lot more, but they are not able to utilise me. My contract in Balika Vadhu was just for two months, it was a cameo. But people loved it so much it went on for two years. I did it for that long because I believed in the content I was doing. But after that maza nahi aaya kuch shows mein.” 




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