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Chiranjeevi Says He Was 'Angry' At Nephew Varun For Hiding His Relationship With Lavanya Tripathi

Varun Tej's father Naga Babu and uncle Chiranjeevi were present at Operation Valentine pre-release event where they shared some candid family anecdotes.

Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu | Image:Khadar Hussain/X

Varun Tej and Lavanya Tripathi married last year in November in Italy. The couple returned to work soon after tying the knot, with Varun now preparing for the release of his upcoming action film Operation Valentine. Lavanya, on the other hand, has seen through the release of her web series Miss Perfect in early February.

Meanwhile, the promotions of Operation Valentine are ongoing in full swing ahead of the film's pan-India release on March 1. A recent press meet was graced by Varun's father Nagendra Babu and uncle Chiranjeevi. At the event, the Bhola Shankar star made an interesting revelation about his nephew Varun's relationship with Lavanya, sharing that he was the first one to know that there was romance brewing between them.

Operation Valentine poster | Image: IMDb

Why was Chiranjeevi ‘angry’ at Varun?

Sharing some candid details about Varun and Lavanya's relationship, Chiranjeevi said at Operation Valentine pre-release event, “Varun will tell me everything, but strangely, he didn’t tell me that he is in a relationship with Lavanya. He says that I am his inspiration. In the same way, he should have taken my leaks as inspiration, and he should have told me about Lavanya. Varun even shares with me a few things that he can’t tell his father. I am angry that he didn’t tell me about Lavanya (funnily).”


In response, Varun said, “That is because I fear Chiranjeevi Garu, as I respect him the most. But the first person in my family to whom I revealed about Lavanya Tripathi was Peddha Nanna (Chiranjeevi).” This clip of Chiru and Varun has gone viral on social media.

Naga Babu with his son Varun Tej | Image: Varun Tej Fans/X

Naga Babu praises his son Varun Tej

Naga Babu also praised his son and his choice of scripts, saying he never shies away from taking risks. "I love my son, because never shies away from choosing different characters and scripts. Just like the great Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan, people who work with good and noble intentions will win eventually even if they face setbacks at times," Naga Babu said.


Published February 26th, 2024 at 08:19 IST