Updated April 25th, 2024 at 20:00 IST

Mukesh Chhabra Calls Out 'Desperate' Actors Attending Funerals For Networking

Mukesh Chhabra is among the foremost names when it comes to casting. He expressed his disbelief over the lengths some actors will go to, to land a role.

Mukesh Chhabra | Image:castingchhabra/Instagram

Mukesh Chhabra does not mince his words when it comes to the platoon of aspiring actors, hoping to make it big in Bollywood. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in harbouring ambition and making connections, Chhabra's recent observations have led him to believe there are many who have no cognisance about what is an appropriate event for networking, and what certainly, is not.


Mukesh Chhabra calls out 'desperate' aspiring actors 

In a recent conversation with an independent film journalist on YouTube, Mukesh Chhabra commented on how the zeal to be on screen for some actors is so intense, that it borders on desperate. He said, 'There are so many people who are so desperate to become actors that they do not miss any opportunity in any circumstances.'



Opening up about the incident he was referring to, Chhabra added, "One senior actor passed away. At the funeral, a lot of actors were present. I don’t know why I am saying this, but few people attended the funeral just to make contacts, I don’t understand that desperation." It is worth mentioning that back in April of 2023, Chhabra lost his mother. Several celebrities, well-known and not, had attended her funeral. Chhabra may just have been speaking from personal experience as well.

Mukesh Chhabra believes actors are prioritsing networking over their craft

The conversation saw Chhabra press upon how most of those engaging in antics of the kind mentioned above, more likely than not, do not have much prowess when it comes to the actual craft of acting. Not just this, he also called these unnamed personalities out for simply not being in touch with reality. 



He said, "If you have learnt the craft, you are working hard, then I respect that. You have not taken any training, you have not learned anything and you are trying to come directly, that too in such situations. It’s frustrating to hear people speak in such situations, where they are not considering the reality of the world and their own situation." 


Published April 25th, 2024 at 20:00 IST