Updated February 15th, 2024 at 09:52 IST

Oppenheimer Actor Cillian Murphy Refuses To Take Photos With His Fans, Here’s Why

Cillian Murphy opened up about his no photos policy when a fan approached him during his interview with the GQ magazine.

Cillian Murphy | Image:Cillian Murphy/X

Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy has implemented a no-photo policy with fans for his own health. The actor has recently received his first-ever Oscar nomination for Best Actor. His nomination comes for his portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan's biopic Oppenheimer. However, if you ever bump into the star and hope for a photo, you will be out of luck. Let’s find out why. 

Cillian Murphy’s no photos policy

The actor opened up about his no photos policy when a fan approached him during his interview with the GQ magazine. “I don’t do photos,” he said. While speaking to GQ, he explained, “Once I started doing that it changed my life. I just think it’s better to say hello and have a little conversation. I tell that to a lot of people, you know, actor friends of mine, and they’re just like, ‘I feel so bad.’ But you don’t need a photo record of everywhere you’ve been in a day."

File photo of Cillian Murphy | Image: Instagram

With this, the actor also shared how he does not like to discuss certain aspects of his career, recalling an old quote about the industry, "Acting is like sex — do it, don’t talk about it.'"


He explained, "People always used to say to me, ‘He has reservations’ or ‘He’s a difficult interviewee.' Not really! I love talking about work, about art. What I struggle with, and find unnecessary, and unhelpful about what I want to do, is, ‘Tell me about yourself…’ "

Cillian’s Oscar nod 

Cillian is currently basking in the success of Oppenheimer. Despite prior collaborations with Nolan, his role in Oppenheimer marked a breakthrough for Murphy, showcasing his emotional depth and intensity.

The film, released alongside Barbie in July, surpassed expectations, grossing over $950 million globally, as per New York Times. “I’m kind of a little in shock,” he said. 


Reacting to his Oscars nomination, Cillian Murphy revealed that he had no idea about it until his phone started buzzing. He said, "I was at home in Cork with my mom and dad and my wife. And my phone started popping, so I figured it was good news. Everybody started texting. You know, you can’t really avoid good news or bad news, but it’s better when it’s good news."


Published February 15th, 2024 at 09:52 IST