Updated May 7th, 2024 at 18:10 IST

Unprofessional: Arijit Singh Cuts His Nails On Stage Mid-Performance, Fans React Strongly

Arijit Singh's recent performance stood momentarily interrupted by the singer himself, as he stopped to trim his nails - on stage. Fans have now reacted.

Arijit Singh | Image:X

Arijit Singh has largely been a unanimous fan favourite, when it comes to his music. However, the actor off late, appears to have left his fans miffed owing to a "highly unprofessional" moment amid his Dubai concert.



Arijit Singh trims his nails on stage

Arijit Singh's last concert took place in Dubai. A video from the same, has now been doing the rounds of the internet. A moment the singer probably considered to be a slight hiccup nobody would notice, has now sparked an online back and forth over acceptable behaviour on stage. In the shared video, Arijit Singh was seen stopping for a moment on stage as he trimmed his nails.


As soon as he was done, he got back to his set. While the move did not harm or impact the show per se, it still has not gone down well with fans of the singer who hold him in high regard. Most were in agreement that the choice to do so, did not reflect humility or simplicity, but mere disregard. "Highly unprofessional", "He should have done it before the concert, highly unprofessional, and who gets nail cutters to concerts? Crazy stuff" and "This is not called humble, this is unhygienic" summed up the internet's general reaction to the video.


Arijit Singh's concerts have previously too made headlines

A previous concert hosted by the singer, saw Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in attendance. Interestingly, Arijit was belting out Zaalima - they keynote song from her Bollywood debut Raees - in front of the actress, without quite recognising her. Once he did, he asked for the camera to pan on her, introducing her to the audience, quipping how he kept struggling to place her face even as he sang a song starring her.


Mahira could be seen blushing at the acknowledgement, not having anticipated the interaction.


Published May 7th, 2024 at 18:10 IST