Updated January 26th, 2024 at 16:20 IST

Vivek Oberoi Says He Values 'Self-Identity' Over Privilege As He Talks About Raising His Kids

Vivek Oberoi has opened up about raising children without the privilege or entitlement. The actor recently appeared in the series Indian Police Force.

A file photo of Vivek Oberoi | Image:Vivek Oberoi/Instagram

Vivek Oberoi is basking in the success of his last outing Indian Police Force. The actor has been earning praise for his performance in the series. In a new interview, the actor opened up about raising his children with humility. 

Vivek Oberoi says he does not want his children to feel ‘entitled’ 

Vivek Oberoi recently sat for a conversation with B4U Entertainment wherein he opened up about giving the right upbringing to his kids. The actor revealed that he avoids raising his children as entitled because he has seen his friend in Delhi have snobbish kids. He shared that he ensures his children do not grow up with that attitude. 

Vivek Oberoi with family | Image: Vivek Oberoi/Instagram 

In the conversation, the actor said, “We don’t want to bring them (their kids) up with privilege. We don’t want to make the mistake of making our kids entitled. I have seen a lot of my friends while growing up in the industry, growing up entitled. That whole attitude, which I’m so sorry to say, but it’s so prevalent in my friends in Delhi. Your self-identity should be based on your personal qualities, values, friendships, relationships, and how you positively impact society. It shouldn't depend on saying, "‘you don’t know who my dad is" That's not how I want to raise our children.” 


Vivek Oberoi says Bollywood is an ‘insecure’ industry 

Speaking to Bollywoodlife, the actor was asked if he feels insecure as there is so much competition around him and how he manages to be so secure. To this, the actor replied that people in the industry are "jealous" of each other's success and want to have the same without any hard work.  


He continued, "We work in a very insecure industry who are jealous of your success and wants to have the same without any hard work. But the one who is after will never get affected by anybody's success."




Published January 26th, 2024 at 16:20 IST