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When Saif Ali Khan Got Into Road Rage Incident With A Stranger, Hugged Him Later

Actor Kamal narrated an incident of his good friend Saif Ali Khan who got into an altercation with a stranger in Mumbai. His comments have now gone viral.

A file photo of Saif Ali Khan. | Image:Instagram

Actor Kamal Sadanah, who recently starred in the film Pippa, has opened up about his friendship with Saif Ali Khan. In a new interview, the actor chronicled a time when Saif Ali Khan, along with his then fiance Amrita Singh, and him got in an altercation with another driver on the road. He recalled the Dil Chahta Hai actor getting into a fight with the driver but later laughing it off with him. 

When Saif Ali Khan got into road rage with stranger in Mumbai 

Kamal Sadanah appeared in a podcast with Siddharth Kannan recently wherein he narrated the tales of his friendship with Saif Ali Khan. The actor recalled one particular incident in which the Dil Chahta Hai actor lost his cool while driving in Mumbai as a car took over them. Sadanah remembered Saif fighting with the stranger initially but later laughing the matter off and sharing a hug. 

A file photo of Saif Ali Khan | Image: Saifalikhan/Instagram 

Sadanah recalled, “Once we (him, Saif and Amrita Singh) were returning from somewhere and I think Saif was driving. There was a car which came from behind and cut us and Saif might have shown some gestures with his hand to him. That random guy got down from the car, Saif got down and they started fighting. Me and Amrita came and sat on the bonnet.” This was the time Saif and Amrita Singh were engaged to be married. The couple ended their marriage in 2004. 


Kamal Sadanah recalls Saif Ali Khan laughing off the incident and sharing a hug later

A file photo of Kamal Sadanah | Image: X

The actor narrated the incident further and recalled Saif Ali Khan making amends with the driver on the spot. He shared that while fighting, the two even ‘bit each other’. He added, “They stood up and started laughing. They even hugged each other.” Sadanah also remembered driving straight to the hospital after Saif’s altercation. 


Did you know Saif Ali Khan’s friendship with Kamal Sadanah started on a bitter note 

Kamal Sadanah replaced Saif Ali Khan in the 1992 film Bekhudi starring Kajol | Image: IMDb

Saif Ali Khan was supposed to make his Bollywood debut in the 1997 film Bekhudi alongside Kajol. However, after shooting for a few days, the director Rahul Rawail deemed him unfit for the role and therefore fired him from the film. Kamal Sadanah was hired in Saif’s place in the movie. This therefore, put a strain on Kamal and Saif’s relationship. However Kamal asserted that despite it they have maintained a cordial relationship and even mentioned that Saif’s sister Saba Pataudi continues to tie him rakhi every year. 




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