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Why Is Sacha Baron Cohen 'Threatening' Rebel Wilson Over Her Memoir? Controversy Explained

Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen's infamous controversy is not stopping anytime soon and here's everything you need to know about it.

Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen | Image:X

Australian actress Rebel Wilson who is known for her boldness both on and off-screen, is stirring up controversy yet again. In a recent Instagram video promoting her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising, set to hit the shelves in April, Wilson dropped a bombshell by accusing someone she labels as an "a***ole" of harassment, dedicating an entire chapter of her book to the ordeal.

What is the Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen controversy all about?

While Wilson didn't initially name names, she hinted at the identity of the alleged harasser, Sacha Baron Cohen, famed for his comedic antics in films like Borat and The Brothers Grimsby. In the Instagram video, Wilson recounted her experience in Hollywood and talked about her newfound "no-a***oles policy" after working with, as she described, a "massive a***ole."



But Wilson's indirect accusations didn't go unnoticed. Taking to Instagram once again, she directly named Baron Cohen as the subject of her memoir's controversial chapter and threw light on what she claims to be his attempts to silence her through legal threats and crisis management.

When did Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen’s fiasco begin?

The root of Wilson's accusations traces back to her involvement in Baron Cohen's 2016 film The Brothers Grimsby. During a radio interview in 2014, Wilson alleged that Baron Cohen repeatedly pressured her into performing inappropriate and unscripted acts on set, including a request for her to stick her finger up his buttocks.

Baron Cohen's response has been one of absolute denial, with his representatives citing "extensive detailed evidence" contradicting Wilson's claims. Nevertheless, the public's interest in Wilson's memoir has stirred following the emergence of this controversy, with many eager to delve into Chapter 23 to uncover the truth behind her allegations.




More and more layers of this case continue to unfold but only to end with Rebel Wilson saying asshole a thousand times - which is of least interest to popcorn-munchers. What do you think about this case? Tweet @republicglitz and tell us.


Published March 30th, 2024 at 22:17 IST