Updated April 29th, 2024 at 19:41 IST

Alien Romulus Director Used 4-Decade-Old Practical Effects From First Alien Movie In His Film

Fede Alvarez's Alien Romulus is inching closer to its August release. Ahead of the same, he opened up about the first Alien film influencing the latest.

Fede Alvarez | Image:AP

Fede Alvarez is still ways a way from seeing through the release of his next, Alien Romulus. Though the film has thoroughly experimented with and made use of, contemporary technology, some things, as the director discovered, are best done the old school way. Alvarez recently opened up about the same.

Fede Alvarez still has faith in old school methods

In lieu of mounting Alien Romulus, Fede Alvarez had brought on board several creatives and concept artists, who had previously collaborated with Ridley Scott and James Cameron for their respective installments. While newly built technology is always exciting to use, Alvarez by and by, also grasped the efficacy of arrangements, as old as 4 decades. 


An excerpt from the AP report reads,  "He enlisted a lot of the behind-the-scenes creatives and concept artists who worked on the Scott and James Cameron films to help get the look right. Sometimes, they were excited to use new technologies that weren't available in the 1970s and 80s. And other times, they realized the old school way is still the best way. Case in point - Alvarez said a big question was how they were going to get the set to melt when it’s hit with the alien’s blood."


Alien Romulus features a decades old hack from the first film

The hack in question, was used to picturise the moments in the film where the alien blood would melt the sets, on contact. Alvarez reflected on how, the desired effect would simply not look practical, if attempted with CGI. He said, "It’s not an easy CG thing to create. It’s like it has to be practical."


Special effects expert and creature creator Alec Gillis was there to help. Alvarez, as per the AP report, further added, "He was like, 'I’ve done it many times. I’ll show you how'." The hack to achieve the desired result, was as simple as using styrofoam and acetone. Alien Romulus is set to hit screens on August 16. 


Published April 29th, 2024 at 19:41 IST