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Ridley Scott Addresses Criticism Around Napoleon Being Inaccurate: Get A Life...

Veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott who helmed the 2023's hit Napoleon has addressed the criticism about his movie being accurate.

Joaquin Phoenix in and as Napoleon | Image:Scott Free Productions

Renowned filmmaker Ridley Scott remains a force in the film industry. His recent film, Napoleon received acclaim from British critics and performed well at the European box office. However, it experienced a more subdued response in the United States. Despite this, the movie excelled in crafts during the awards race, although actor Joaquin Phoenix received a Golden Globe nomination for a different film, Beau is Afraid.

As the awards season unfolds, the 86-year-old filmmaker and a four-time nominee for Best Director (with his last nomination in 2016 for The Martian), finds himself eagerly awaiting a potential return to the prestigious circle. In a candid interview with Indiewire from his vacation home in Provence, Scott reflected on the diverse reactions to Napoleon and hinted at what was to come.

The cast of Napoleon | Image: X/IndieWire

Ridley Scott addresses the mixed response Napoleon received

Addressing the disparity between British and global responses, Scott shrugged off critics and said that he pays attention only to his own reviews. Drawing an analogy to his background as a painter and graphic designer, Ridley stressed the importance of self-assessment in artistic ventures.


Ridley Scott disses the criticism around Napoleon as being inaccurate

When confronted about the accuracy of Napoleon, "Scott dismissed the concern, provocatively urging critics to "get a life." He pointed out the vast number of books about Napoleon and highlighted the inherent challenge of determining historical accuracy. He said, “You’re telling me that 2,300 books are accurate? Give me a break. The danger about writers is they tend to think about the importance of how good their writing is.”

A still from Napoleon | Image: X/TheCinemaland

Scott in the same interview shared insights into his filmmaking journey and expressed appreciation for Apple's support in funding Napoleon. He acknowledged the industry's shift towards superhero films and praised Apple for taking on a historical drama.

Scott recently wrapped up the post-production of his next Gladiator 2 which is all set for release on Thanksgiving weekend.


Published January 17th, 2024 at 14:32 IST