Updated March 7th, 2024 at 23:52 IST

Vanessa Hudgens Credits Failed Relationship With Austin Butler For Pushing Her Towards Right Person

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler were romantically involved for more than eight years before calling it quits in 2020. She is now married to Cole Tucker.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler | Image:AP

Vanessa Hudgens tied the knot with Cole Tucker on December 2, 2023. The duo had announced their engagement in February of the same year. Their engagement came after a two year long courtship period. Recently, Vanessa has credited her almost decade long romance with Elvis actor Austin Butler, for eventually helping her find the right person.

Vanessa Hudgens credits relationship with Austin Butler for helping her find the right person

Austin Butler, 32, and Vanessa Hudgens, 35, first sparked romance rumours in 2011. What ensued was a rather public relationship which sadly ended in a 2020 breakup. Vanessa however, is grateful for the same. During her recent appearance on the She Pivots podcast, Vanessa opened up about how her breakup with Austin, coupled with other past breakups led her to "reassess everything". She also reflected on how her past breakups significantly contributed to building her character giving her clarity on what it is that she actually wanted from a partner. 


Vanessa shared how it, "catapulted me to a very, very special place, obviously, getting married." It essentially pushed the actress towards "the right person, which I'm so grateful for. Because he's just the most supportive, real understanding human being that I've ever met."


Vanessa Hudgens married Cole Tucker last year

After a February engagement, Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker exchanged their vows in December of 2023. The duo picked the Azulik City of Arts in Tulum, Mexico, as the scenic backdrop for the same. Speaking about it to Vogue, Vanessa said, “I knew that it was our place. I felt like I was transported to some kind of utopia, unlike anything I had ever been to before. It was whimsical and magical, and I just fell in love.”


Interestingly, Cole and Vanessa met each other over a Zoom meditation session in 2020 during the pandemic. 


Published March 7th, 2024 at 23:52 IST