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Fahadh Faasil Talks About Quitting Films, Shares The Kind Of Movie He Wants To Make Before Retiring

Fahadh Faasil recently opened up about the films that left an impact on him and wished to make such a film that would influence the audience for good.

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Fahadh Faasil has risen to new heights of popularity in the film industry with his performances in films like Vikram, Pushpa and others. While Fahadh's films may inspire many actors, he does not believe his movies have changed anyone's life. In an interview with Galatta Plus, Fahadh opened up about the films that had a significant impact on his life.

Fahadh talks about the movies that influenced him

During the interview, Fahadh Faasil talked about the movies that influenced him, including the Italian movie titled Cinema Paradiso. He said, "Cinema Paradiso changed my life. I still wish to give my audience what I felt while watching Cinema Paradiso." When asked if he believes his movies have had a similar impact on his fans and moviegoers, the actor said, "No, I haven’t done that. Not anywhere close to…I haven’t changed anybody’s life but Cinema Paradiso changed mine. I have not met anyone who has said that to me. Also, Amores Perros and a lot of other films. What I wish is that what these films did to me… before I quit… with at least one of my films I want to give that experience to the audience."


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Fahadh Faasil shares if his films can breakout now

During the same interview, Fahadh Faasil was asked if his film Trance would work better in theatres if release now. Responding to the question, Fahadh said, "With Trance I thought, you should not take religion or such things as the setting for a film. It can be a factor in the film. My artistic side keeps thinking that way but I also think in terms of business and recovery." Ahead of the pandemic in 2020, Trance released in theatres and narrated the story of an atheist speaker who is hired by a company to pose as a pastor.

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Fahadh added, "Trance lacked the entertainment factor. There was a lot of awareness and things like that, but the entertainment factor was taken away from the film at some point. That’s where we failed. Having said that, a corrected second half of Trance would make a lot of difference. But I wouldn’t touch religion for a while in Kerala."

Controversy surrounding Trance

Trance encountered some censorship issues and was sent to the revising committee after the CBFC proposed an unreasonable number of cuts. The film was a controversial film because it criticises the commercialisation of religion. The plot revolves around a motivational speaker who was an atheist before becoming a pastor to make money. The pastor community is the one who has argued against the film.


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