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Manjummel Boys Star Sreenath Talks About Professional Turmoil, Was Told His Acting Wasn't Impressive

Sreenath Bhasi revealed the tough period he was going through in both his personal and professional lives, and how Manjummel Boys came to his rescue.

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Sreenath Bhasi, the actor from Manjummel Boys, shared his cinematic journey amid professional turmoil. Sreenath Bhasi, who was dropped from another project for alleged poor acting, found solace and resurgence in his role as Subhash in the blockbuster film Manjummel Boys. In an interview with Rekha Menon, Sreenath Bhasi disclosed his challenging journey and shared he was told that his acting is not up to par.

Sreenath Bhasi narrates his ordeal

During the interview with Rekha Menon, Sreenath Bhasi revealed the difficult period he was going through in both his personal and professional lives, and Manjummel Boys holds a special place in his heart because it came at the right time for him. He thanked the Manjummel Boys team for their support, emphasising that their camaraderie was critical in guiding him through the difficulties.

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Sreenath Bhasi expressed disappointment after being dropped from another project due to perceived shortcomings in his acting. He said, "I was dropped from another project saying that my acting was not impressive or not up to par."

However, Manjummel Boys proved to be a saving grace, providing him with a chance for redemption while also showcasing his acting abilities. The actor talked about the importance of having friends look after him on set during a difficult period.


Sreenath Bhasi, who plays Subhash, spoke about the physical and emotional challenges he faced while filming. Despite the initial difficulties, he praised the team's dedication to telling a compelling story.

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Chidambaram's Manjummel Boys also stars Soubin Shahir, Balu Varghese, Deepak Parambol, and a number of others. Inspired by true events, the film follows a group of young people on a vacation to Kodaikanal, where they discover something unexpected in the Guna caves.

Viral video of locals from Guna caves go viral

Following the massive success of Manjummel Boys, a viral video from Madhikettan Solai showed hundreds of locals and tourists rushing to visit the Guna caves. The film's effect is so real that people have rushed to the Guna caves to see where it was shot.

The viral video has received a lot of attention from netizens because it showed traffic congestion near the Guna caves. Manjummel Boys has received positive feedback from the public, resulting in such situations in public or tourist areas. Guna Caves is now the center of attention, as the Manjummel Boys' primary focus is on that cave.


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