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Prithviraj Sukumaran Says L2 Empuraan Will Not Be Like Lucifer: Viewers Can Anticipate...

Scripted by Murali Gopy, L2: Empuraan is poised to delve deeper into the intricacies of its characters with actors like Mohanlal reprising their roles.

L2 Empuraan | Image:Instagram/therealprithvi

Malayalam cinema fans are eagerly awaiting the release of L2: Empuraan, the third directorial venture of Prithviraj Sukumaran. This sequel to the 2019 blockbuster Lucifer is already stirring excitement with its promise of groundbreaking surprises. In a recent interview with Film Companion, he hinted at a departure from the typical formula, urging fans not to expect a rehash of the original film's tropes.

Prithviraj Sukumaran shares an update on L2: Empuraan

Scripted by Murali Gopy, L2: Empuraan is poised to delve deeper into the intricacies of its characters. With actors like Mohanlal reprising his role as Khureshi Ab’ram, audiences can anticipate a richer narrative exploring the complexities of the Lucifer universe.

L2 Empuraan poster | Image: IMDb


Prithviraj Sukumaran reassures fans that L2: Empuraan will defy expectations, steering clear of cliched action sequences. Instead, viewers can anticipate a fresh approach, with a focus on character-driven storytelling and unexpected twists. He said, "I don’t even know the film I’m making is the sequel that people expect of Lucifer." He further mentioned, "Viewers won't see Mohanlal beating people in a closed factory wearing his signature Mundu (a Dhoti)."

L2 Empuraan team | Image: IMDb


Production process of L2

Although the film is still in its early stages of production, the team has completed approximately 20% of the shooting schedule. With plans to resume filming in India, including a significant stint in Chennai, L2: Empuraan is steadily progressing towards its much-anticipated release in 2025.


In the middle of his directorial commitments, Prithviraj Sukumaran is also gearing up for two major releases. Fans can watch him in Blessy’s Aadujeevitham, slated to hit theaters on March 28, followed by a pivotal role in Bade Miyan Chotte Miyan, starring Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, set for an Eid release on April 10.


Published March 19th, 2024 at 13:46 IST