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Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Stuggles Of Being A Single Mother: Had My Share of Ups and Downs

Sushmita Sen has opened up on her motherhood journey. Ahead of Aarya 3 release, the actress has chronicled her journey as a single mother.

Sushmita Sen | Image:Image: Varinder Chawla

Sushmita Sen has often been vocal about the struggles she had to face being a single mother. The actress is a mother to two daughters Renee Sen, and Alisha Sen. As she prepares for the release of her upcoming series Aarya season 3, she has once again opened up about the ups and downs she faced in her motherhood journey. 

Sushmita Sen reflects on her motherhood journey 

Sushmita Sen has reflected upon the universal struggle of maintaining the bond between a mother and her child, sharing about the ups and downs with her own children. Sushmita, who plays the titular character in the thriller series Aarya said: "It's every mother's worst nightmare to see her children go against her. No matter who you ask, that's something that unifies us all. None of us want our children in danger, afraid, or feeling unprotected. We never want them to turn against us. Aarya, as you've seen in part one of this season, reaches that heartbreaking point."

Sen, who is the mother of two adopted daughters -- Renee, and Alisah, added: "While I'm grateful not to experience it to the extent Aarya does, I've had my share of ups and downs with my children, like any mother. I've channeled those emotions into portraying the pain my character feels on screen." 

Aarushi Bajaj says Sushmita Sen broke down while shooting Aarya climax 

Actress Aarushi Bajaj, who plays the character of Arundhati Sareen in the crime thriller drama Aarya revealed that her co-stars Sushmita Sen, Viren Vazirani and Pratyaksh Panwar shared an emotional moment during the climax scene. Earlier, in a candid conversation, Aarushi opened up about how she saw herself in the character and called herself 'luckiest' to play the role. Aarushi said: “I consider myself one of the luckiest to have watched Aru in seasons 1 and 2 as part of the audience and then to play her in season 3. What attracted me to the role was her transformation after Tej's (her father) death.”

“Along the way, I discovered similarities between me and Aru -- like her, I'm emotional but not overly sensitive, I value independence and appreciate love and support. Despite our strong-willed nature, both Aru and I have gentle, clean hearts, which breathed life into the character,” she added.
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Published February 5th, 2024 at 17:57 IST