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Ayalaan First Impression: Netizens Hail Sivakarthikeyan's Sci-fi Film As 'Wholesome Entertainer'

Sivakarthikeyan's Ayalaan opened with great reviews from netizens and moviegoers who shared their thoughts, calling it a "fun to watch" family comedy.

Ayalaan poster | Image:IMDb

R. Ravikumar's sci-fi Tamil thriller Ayalaan made its theatrical debut on January 12. The much-anticipated film, starring Sivakarthikeyan, opened with great reviews from netizens and moviegoers who shared their thoughts, calling it a "fun to watch" family comedy.

Ayalaan’s first impressions 

Sivakarthikeyan is becoming a more and more popular star of the future with each film. Due to the strong family themes in his films, he has amassed a devoted following of family members who attend all of his productions. Based on the early feedback of his recent release Ayalaan, it appears that Sivakarthikeyan's film has successfully hit the mark and resonated with the audience. 

In addition to receiving accolades for his performances, Ayalaan is receiving recognition for his flawless use of visual effects. One internet user wrote, “#Ayalaan 2nd Half - BB 2nd Half >> 1st Half.. Kudos to the VFX department.. the character was so convincing and the Alien world was so mind-blowing and worth all my money.. a very emotional Climax.. Sk performance Tq @Siva_Kartikeyan & @Ravikumar_Dir for this movie.”


Another one added, “Ayalaan :- Blockbuster that's it. 1st Half Super vera Mari! Sk Anna intro wow. @Ravikumar_Dir writing pumped up Interval scene- SK was best in this. Alien CG and VFX Scenes All is Good. The fun comedy involving alien. Engaging screenplay.”


Ayalaan’s early reviews hint at box office success

Netizen evaluations indicate that filmmaker Ravikumar did a great job, with particular praise going to the film's VFX and intricacy. Sivakarthikeyan and his team make a sincere effort to draw in children and the family audience, and their emotionally charged and action-packed film receives favorable reviews. 

The poster of Ayalaan | Image: IMDb


The comedy and well-executed extraterrestrial sequences make the movie a crowd-pleasing comedy in theaters. AR Rahman's soundtrack proved to be a significant asset for the movie, demonstrating his strength to a considerable extent. The enjoyable picture by Sivakarthikeyan is outstretched with excellent reviews, and the 2024 Pongal release is likely to emerge well at the box office. 


Published January 12th, 2024 at 14:56 IST