Updated March 12th, 2024 at 09:45 IST

Jailer 2 Starring Rajinikanth In The Works? Director Nelson Dilipkumar Breaks Silence

Amid the buzz surrounding Jailer 2, Nelson Dilipkumar addressed the rumours about the project and provided an update to his fans regarding the same.

Jailer | Image:IMDB

Jailer starring Rajinikanth was a huge success in theatres as it marked Thalaivar's comeback to big screens in 2023. Following the success of the film, fans have been awaiting to get an update on the Nelson Dilipkumar directorial. Amid the buzz surrounding Jailer 2, Nelson addressed the rumours about the project and provided an update to his fans.

Is Jailer 2 starring Rajinikanth in the works?

Nelson Dilipkumar attended an event where he addressed the media regarding the potential of Jailer 2. He said, "I am not sure whether my next project is Jailer 2. Wait for the official announcement."

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Jailer became one of Tamil cinema's all-time biggest hits. The film, starring Rajinikanth as a retired police officer, grossed more than Rs 600 crore in worldwide ticket sales. The scale of the film's success appears to have prompted Rajinikanth to consider a sequel.

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Nelson also discussed the pre-climax scene in Jailer, which sent fans into a frenzy because it featured Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, and Shivarajkumar together on screen.

What was Nelson Dilipkumar's favourite scene from Jailer?

Nelson Dilipkumar revealed that Rajinikanth smoking a cigar was one of his favourite scenes in Jailer. "We shot that just a few days before the completion of the production. And when I appreciated the cinematographer, he was happy to hear my praise. I have saved this shot on my phone and I keep looking at it time and again," Nelson said.

He also revealed that he was inspired to shoot that scene by films like Annamalai and Baasha, but it was difficult to persuade Rajinikanth to smoke on camera. While Rajinikanth made his name in the industry with his legendary cigarette flick, he has not smoked on screen in over two decades.


Published March 12th, 2024 at 09:45 IST