Updated January 17th, 2024 at 17:57 IST

It's controversial/ Pugazh, Kuraishi's Skit Mocking Kamal Haasan Invites Criticism, Comedians Apologise

Popular comedians Pugazh and Kuraishi have now issued an apology after their comedy skit mocking Kamal Haasan invited backlash.

Kamal Haasan | Image:IMDb

Popular comedians Pugazh and Kuraishi, known for their stints on the reality game show Cooku with Comali on Vijay TV are facing criticism from Kamal Haasan's fanbase due to a comedy skit that has stirred controversy. The duo who gained fame through their participation in the reality show, issued an apology to fans and said that the skit was an inadvertent mistake and not intended to cause harm.

What was the Pugazh-Kuraishi controversy all about?

Several months ago, Pugazh and Kuraishi performed at a cultural event in Dubai, where Kuraishi impersonated Kamal Haasan and answered Pugazh's questions, each laced with the word Maya. This appeared to be a reference to an alleged bias by Haasan during his hosting of a TV reality show where he was accused of favouring contestant Maya Krishnan who starred in his film Vikram.

The controversial skit suggests that Kamal Haasan has a special fondness for someone named Maya. For instance, when asked about Haasan's favourite district, Kuraishi replies, Mayavaram and when questioned about the actor's preferred film, the response is Mayabazaar. The video has sparked criticism from fans with many labelling it as vulgar.

Pugazh and Kuraishi apologised for their distasteful mockery

Attempting to put an end to the backlash, both Pugazh and Kuraishi took to social media to issue apologies. Pugazh addressed his admiration for Kamal Haasan while expressing regret for any offence caused. Kuraishi, in a separate video, apologised while saying that they created the skit based on a trending topic at the time.

Despite the apologies, the comedians continue to face the ire of Kamal Haasan's dedicated fanbase, who accuse them of mocking the acclaimed star in a derogatory manner. The reality show in reference saw VJ Archana emerging as the winner.


Published January 17th, 2024 at 17:57 IST