Updated May 25th, 2024 at 12:44 IST

Is Dalljiet Kaur Accusing Estranged Husband Nikhil Of Extra-Marital Affair Amid Divorce Drama?

In her recent social media post, Dalljiet Kaur made indirect accusations at her husband Nikhil Patel on cheating on her with someone with the initial "SN".

Dalljiet kaur nikhil patel | Image:Social Media

Dalljiet Kaur has been making headlines for a turbulent relationship with her husband Nikhil Patel. The couple tied the knot in March 2023 and the actress moved to Kenya, with her son Jaydon to be with the businessman. However, less than a year into the marriage, the mother-son duo returned to India alone, giving rise to speculations of the couple’s separation. While the actress has neither confirmed nor denied her separation rumours, she has often made bold social media statements fuelling speculations of everything not being well between the couple. In her recent post, she made a rather direct accusation on her ex-husband. 

Is Dalljiet Kaur accusing her husband Nikhil Patel of cheating on her? 

On May 25, Dalljiet took to her Instagram account to share a series of cryptics posts. First, the actress shared a video of herself from a bridal-inspired shoot. The caption of the post caught the attention of social media users. She wrote in the post, “She chooses her silence for the sake of her kids. While her family holds her tight not to let her fall. She waits.” Along with this, the actress mentioned, “Hey SN..do you have kids too.” 

The last line in the caption left netizens needing clarification about who Dalljiet was referring to. Soon after this, she took to her Instagram stories to share the same video with a poll asking her followers about their views on extra-marital affairs. She wrote in the story, “What’s your thought on the extramarital affair?” and then shared options, “The girl, the husband or the wife.” 

A screengrab of Dalljiet Kaur's post | Image: Instagram 

Dalljiet Kaur exposes husband Nkihil Patel 

An expose story from the Dalljiet then followed this. The 41-year-old actress took a screenshot of her husband Nikhil Patel’s story and reposted it on her social media. In his stories, the Kenya-based businessman had mentioned a certain “SN”, who Dalljiet put a special focus on. While it is unknown who SN is, the actress’ post hinted that it is the person she is accusing her husband of having an affair. 

A screengrab of Dalljiet Kaur's post | Image: Instagram 

The post also read, “You are out on social media with her now everyday shamelessly. Your wife and son came back in 10 months of the wedding. The entire family is humiliated. Some dignity for the kids would have been good.” Dalljiet then directly addressed Nihkil in her story and wrote, “Atleast you should have left your wife little dignity publically as I was quiet about a lot of other things too.” It must be noted that both Dalljiet and Nihkil are not following each other on social media fuelling speculations of their separation. 


Published May 25th, 2024 at 12:44 IST