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Kashmera Shah Reacts After Jackie Shroff Moves Delhi HC Against Unauthorised Use Of His Name

Kashmera Shah penned a note making comedian Krushna Abhishek's fans understand that imitation is the "highest form of flattery".

Jackie Shroff (L), Kashmera Shah & Krushna Abhishek | Image:Instagram

Jackie Shroff on Tuesday approached the Delhi High Court against the unlicensed use of his name and personality. The veteran actor, who is known for his friendly demeanour, also alleged infringement of his trade mark rights on Marathi slang "bhidu". Jackie's recent legal action sparked discussion on social media, leaving comedian Krushna Abhishek's fans concerned. Now, days after, the comedian's wife Kashmera Shah has addressed the matter on her social media handle. For the unversed, Krushna Abhishek often impersonates Jackie Shroff a popular comedy show.

Kashmera Shah penned a note for Krushna Abhishek's fans

Taking to her Instagram handle, Kashmera shared a collage of Shroff and Krushna Abhishek's photo and penned a note making his fans understand that imitation is the "highest form of flattery". She wrote, "To all the disappointed fans that have been messaging us I just want to tell you all that please understand that IMITATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTERY. Krushna loves Jaggu Dada.

Soon after she dropped the post, fans flooded the comment section, praising the comedian. A user wrote, "Absolutely, and we have seen it in times when he meets Jackie Shroff! He is legend and Krushna must be a loyal fan!" TV actor Bhakhtyar Irani commented, "He started it and made it larger than life...let's be honest @krushna30 gave a new dimension to look at jaggu dada and jeetu ji..." Another user wrote, "We love krushna as jaggu dada."


What is Jackie Shroff's main complaint?

The plea has commenced on the path of legal recourse, with summons having been issued by Justice Sanjeev Narula to the entities mentioned in the lawsuit. The consideration of the matter has now been scheduled for Wednesday. Jackie Shroff's counsel said, "Jackie Shroff is so well known. People will think it is endorsed by him. He has a certain marketability to his name. It can't be done without his consent."

(A file photo of Jackie Shroff | Image: Instagram)

The primary concern being flagged by the actor's counsel is the fact that the actor's voice and mannerisms are being used in a "distasteful" manner, which can eventually harm his reputation. The counsel added, "All are using his name, images and earning huge money. This is all defamatory stuff...there are distasteful dirty words in voice over. There is nothing legitimate about any of this."


DYK Jackie Shroff has a trademark right over 'Bhidu'?

Shroff's "Bhidu" is registered under the actor's name with a trade mark right. His appeal to the Delhi High Court then, also alleges infringement of his trade mark rights. A PTI report further elaborates on the sale of merchandise, ringtones, wallpapers, "insulting" memes and GIFs and the use of artificial intelligence as part and parcel of their grievances.


Published May 16th, 2024 at 13:06 IST