Updated April 27th, 2024 at 19:58 IST

Shubh Shagun Producer Kundan Singh Hits Back At Krishna Mukherjee's Claims Of Harassment

Krishna Mukherjee found herself in the centre of controversy owing to the accusations levied by her on producer Kundan Singh. The latter has now hit back.

Krishna Mukherjee, Kundan Singh | Image:Instagram

Krishna Mukherjee, on April 26, came out into the open with her version of the ordeal she had withstood on the sets of her show, Shubh Shagun. The actress alleged non-payment of dues and extensive mental harassment on the part of Kundan Singh, the producer of Shubh Shagun as well as the production house at large. Singh has now hit back, with counter-claims.

Kundan Singh calls Krishna Mukherjee's claims 'false and frivolous'

Kundan Singh took to his social media handles on April 27, to respond to Krishna Mukherjee's allegations with counter-claims of his own. He accused the actress of misusing her social media presence to push forth an incorrect narrative. He also threatened impending legal action to double down on his claim of Mukherjee's allegations being false.


Directly addressing the allegation of non-payment of dues, Singh revealed that the actress had been called for legal proceedings with regards to the same - however, Krishna chose to not show up. An excerpt from his lengthy statement reads, "...she took a step ahead for false financial claim, we had reached out to her for legal preceding but she refused to come which is already in the record of CITY CIVIL COURT, MUMBAI, it's disheartening to see how someone I supported so much is now putting fake allegations against me just to defame me and extract her benefit..."


Kundan Singh alleges Krishna Mukherjee's claims ‘follow a pattern’

Singh's response to Krishna Mukherjee also saw him allege how the actress has reportedly filed an FIR on October 10, 2022, against two people from the production house, citing the same exact claims. Singh also claimed that he has an copy of the FIR, owing to how supportive he had been at the time towards Krishna. An excerpt from his set of statements reads, " (Krishna Mukherjee) had put the exact same allegations against two people from the production house and filed an FIR on 04/10/2022 (A copy of FIR is in my possession as a piece of evidence) During that time me and my team strongly stood with her and her family and helped her at every step, I was even in touch with her father throughout the matter..."


As a result of the FIR, Singh recalled firing the two employees in question. However, it was only later that he found out that Krishna's claims reportedly came from a place of personal vengeance. Singh's statement added, "Also as a disciplinary action I even fired both the employees immediately, though later on we came to know that the allegations she put on them were false and only for the sake to settle her personal grudge." 


Published April 27th, 2024 at 17:01 IST