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Thandel Eyes Christmas 2024 Release, To Clash With Nithiin Starrer Robinhood?

Thandel is going to be Naga Chaitanya's biggest film to date as it is made on a budget of ₹50 crore. The film is directed by Chandoo Mondeti of Karthikeya fame.

Naga Chaitanya shares poster of Thandel | Image:chayakkineni/Instagram

A while ago, it was announced that Nithiin and director Venky Kudumula's film Robinhood will release in theatres on December 20. However, it seems like Christmas race is going to be intense this year as another film is eyeing the same release date. As per a report by 123Telugu, the makers of Thandel are planning to release the film somewhere around Christmas.

When will Thandel release in theatres?

It is well known that Naga Chaitanya is currently working on his film Thandel, which is directed by Chandoo Mondeti of Karthikeya fame. The film's production is nearing completion, and there is a lot of excitement surrounding this village drama with an action backdrop. However, it has been reported that the makers have decided to release film on December 20. An official announcement by the makers is expected soon. As per reports, Thandel is going to be Naga Chaitanya's biggest film to date as it is made on a budget of ₹50 crore.

Thandel poster | Image: X


Naga Chaitanya talks about the inspiration behind Thandel

Talking about the movie on Zig Wheels, Naga Chaitanya revealed that his film Thandel is inspired by an incident that took place in Srikakulam in 2018. In 2018, some fishermen from Srikakulam drifted into the Pakistani waters and were taken into custody. He said, "Thandel is a film I’ve been working on for quite some time; it’s a very special film for me. Firstly, I’ve never attempted this kind of character or texture. It’s based on some true incidents in 2018 involving these fishermen from Srikakulam. Usually, they go to Gujarat and go fishing from there. On one of their trips, they drifted off into Pakistan's borders and got caught."

Thandel still | Image: YouTube screengrab


Naga Chaitanya also shared that he personally met with the fishermen from Srikakulam and listened to their harrowing experience. He further added that the love story featured in Thandel is also based on one of their life stories. Meanwhile, the film will feature Sai Pallavi as the female lead. 


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