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Fact Check: Is Viral Whatsapp Forward On New Mumbai Lockdown Rules True?

Here is the fact check on the viral WhatsApp message on new Mumbai lockdown rules. The message states about new rules & guidelines released by Mumbai police.

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Mumbai police released new lockdown guidelines in a viral WhatsApp message!


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As the new lockdown rules of Unlock 2.0 will be implied in India from July 1 (outside contained zones) many WhatsApp and other social media forwards are being shared with respect to the same. The Unlock 2.0 focuses on relaxing further lockdown restrictions in non-containment zones and will be implemented from Wednesday i.e. July 1. However many new set of social media forwards are being seen throughout the web with respect to the new lockdown rules. Here is one such case of WhatsApp forwards which claims to have been released by the Mumbai police. 

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The new WhatsApp forwards referring to the latest Mumbai lockdown news mention a set of 11 rules to be followed if you are a Mumbai resident. According to the message, the Mumbai residents are asked to restrict themselves within a radius of 2 km from their homes, not more than that. The WhatsApp message also states about the essential shop timings, indicating that certain shops would remain open from 9 am to 5 pm from now on. Some other rules include the guidelines where only a single person is allowed to go out of the house at one time. All residents are ordered to maintain 5 feet distance from each other while buying things at the shop. Residents are not allowed to roam in society or in the nearby society as well. Read on to know about the authenticity of this viral WhatsApp forward. 

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Republic World did a fact check on the viral message

  • On the analysis of the authenticity of this WhatsApp forward, it was observed that no such official guidelines were actually released by the Mumbai Police.
  • The Mumbai police themselves rejected any connections with this WhatsApp forward that is being circulated all over in Maharashtra. The Mumbai police tweeted today regarding the same and advised the residents to not believe in any such social media forwards unless it is shared an official handle of the authorities. 

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BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has however imposed a fine of ₹ 1000 to all the residents who step out of their house without wearing masks. Since Maharashtra is one of the top COVID-19 affected areas, the state is nowhere near to implementing any norms of relaxation with respect to the COVID-19 lockdown. Maharashtra is one of the states which has now extended lockdown till July 31st. 

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