7 Theories Congress President Rahul Gandhi Has Spun Without Proof

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Even as Rahul Gandhi is claiming that demonetisation was a conspiracy, here are 7 theories, Rahul Gandhi spun without proof

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Updated On:

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday spun his newest conspiracy theory, while addressing a news briefing over RBI’s report on demonetisation, and Rafale deal. As per Rahul Gandhi’s latest theory, PM Modi conspired with top industrialists and then rolled out demonetisation to loot public money. Rahul Gandhi also claimed that he has proof to back his conspiracy theory as per which demonetisation was a scam to fool the common public. However, he didn’t present any proof, and even walked out of the news briefing abruptly.

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Even as Rahul Gandhi is claiming that demonetisation was a conspiracy, here are 7 theories, Rahul Gandhi spun without proof:


Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that demonetisation was a result of a conspiracy between PM Modi and top businessmen.

“The intention of demonetisation was to help the rich to convert their black money into white,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi also claimed that the “government wanted to help Amazon, hence rolled out demonetisation”.


In 2013, Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, made a shocking claim that Pakistan’s ISI was trying to recruit Muzaffarnagar riot victims. He claimed to have some intelligence inputs revealing ISI agents were in touch with the youths affected by the riots, to fulfill their own criminal agenda.


In 2017, Rahul Gandhi, while addressing an NRI gathering at a hotel ball near Times Square in US, issued an ill-informed statement about the Indian freedom struggle, claiming that the freedom movement led by the Congress party was an NRI movement.

“You are all Non-Resident Indians. The Congress movement , the original Congress movement was an NRI movement. Mahatma Gandhi was an NRI, Jawaharlal Nehru came back from England,  Ambedkar, Azad, Patel, these were all NRIs. Every single one of them went to the outside world , saw the outside world, returned back to India and used some of the ideas that they had, that they got , and transformed India,” said Rahul Gandhi.


In the year 2011, reacting to the violent agitation in Bhatta Parsaul, Rahul Gandhi spoke of heaps of bodies there, however, in reality there were no bodies, but just ash and hay, Here’s what Gandhi said:

"Quite severe atrocities taking place there... There are 74 heaps of ash with dead bodies in them. Everybody in the village knows it. We can give you pictures. Women have been raped, people have been thrashed. Houses have been destroyed."

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Earlier this year, Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing a poll rally in Karnataka had said that the government scrapped the SC/ST act. However, it was the Supreme Court, which in its March 20 ruling had barred immediate arrests in cases registered under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. However, the Congress President, not paying much heed to the ruling, had said:

“Rohit Vemula gets killed, Dalits are beaten in Gujarat, ST/SC Act is scrapped, but Modiji doesn't say a word.”

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Rahul Gandhi, recently, triggered a massive controversy, while he was on a a two-day visit to Germany. While addressing a gathering at Kampnagel theatre Bucerius Summer School in Hamburg, Rahul Gandhi said that lack of jobs created ISIS.

While seemingly trying to equate state visions to that of the ISIS, Gandhi said:

"If you don't give people a vision in the 21st century, somebody else will give them one and that is the real risk of excluding a large number of people from the development process. Every country faces this risk, if you don't embrace people, if you don't give people a vision, somebody else is going to do it and that vision may not be good for you or good for the world."

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On August 24, while delivering a speech in London, the Congress President compared RSS to the Muslim brotherhood.

Rahul Gandhi stated that RSS is trying to impose their ideology on the citizens of the country, and said that he and the Congress were fighting it. He alleged that the RSS was taking over institutions and structures in India and went on to compare it with the Muslim Brotherhood.


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