In A First In India, Cocker Spaniel Gets Successful Pacemaker Implant

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A seven-and-half-year-old cocker spaniel has undergone a pacemaker implant surgery that veterinary surgeons claim to be the first in India, as per the reports.

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Cocker spaniel

A seven-and-a-half-year-old cocker spaniel has undergone a pacemaker implant surgery that veterinary surgeons claim to be the first in India, as per reports. A pediatric pacemaker was imported and implanted in the female dog named Khushi who had suffered a complete heart block that led to her heart rate plummeting to 20 beats per minute as against the normal 60-120.

Dr Bhanu Dev Sharma, an interventional cardiologist for small animals at Max Vets Hospital, Greater Kailash, said that her heart was not able to perform impulses necessary for normal cardiac functioning. 

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Dog developed complete heart block

He added that the amount of blood that circulates to the heart had reduced significantly. Sharma said that according to her owners, Khushi was a lazy dog. He also added that during an emergency ear operation in February last year, she had collapsed but the surgeons managed to revive her. Once she recovered from her ear surgery, doctors examined her and a ECG showed that she has a complete heart block. The four-legged creature was operated on December 15 and the pacemaker was implanted after a one-and-a-half-hour-long surgery.

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Dog accidentally swallows ring

Meanwhile, Pepper, a dog from South Africa accidentally swallowed a Pretoria woman’s engagement ring which was revealed in an X-ray, according to the reports. Pepper was admitted to the Valley Farm Animal Hospital, where the ring was recovered out of his body and the hospital posted his picture on the Facebook page narrating the incident.

The dog, that looks exceedingly guilty about his actions, can be seen squatting in the picture with a sullen face. The caption explained that Pepper was ingested a medicine to puke, so the doctors could recover the ring out of his body. It read, "My name is Pepper. Do I look a little nauseous? That's because the vet has just given me something to make me vomit! Not because the vet is a meanie but because I ate my Mom's engagement ring!!! Don't ask! It seemed like a good idea at the time!!" the caption said.

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