Viral Video Shows Mother Bear Chasing Away 2 Tigers In Ranthambore National Park; Watch

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Confrontation of a mother bear with two young cubs on her back walking an extremely long distance with the tigers led to a ferocious battle between the species.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Twitter user took to Twitter to narrate a decade-old saga from the Ranthambhore tiger reserve of about 6 wild animals, a mama Sloth bear with two babies, a pair of mating tigers as he captured with a camera.

Aditya Singh, a Twitter user shared an interesting story in his post about a time he heard of two tigers that were in an area called Kala Paani and he went there hoping to get pictures of them along with his friends. He further narrated that he spotted the mighty male tiger named Ustaad along with his partner named Noor.

Aditya narrated a saga of a mother bear and her two young cubs

In the next thread on the Tweet, he further narrated that he saw a mother bear with two young cubs on her back walking an extremely long distance while the cubs happily played with each other. He added that the mother bear was walking towards the tigers, and he immediately thought that the bear was in serious danger, however, he kept shooting the incident.

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Adding further to the story, he narrated that the tigress Noor upon seeing the bear started to stalk her. When he noticed the developments, he thought that the bear was going to die. However, he further suggested, he was also convinced that the bear might make it to her way without any harm.

In an interesting twist to the story Aditya narrated through his tweets, he revealed that the bears can smell the scent of the tigers, and therefore the said mama bear raised her head and noticed the tiger approaching.

One might wonder that big cats like tigers have no real competition in the wild and they are not used to other animals charging at them. But having faced with such a situation the tigress decided to retreat, hoping that the bear would just go.

However, Aditya further narrated that the tigress was defeated in a ferocious battle that was joined by her male counterpart as he stood witnessing the incident shocked. He asked netizens the moral of this tale of valour, which he wrote was that never underestimate a mother.

The Internet has been seemingly delighted over the narration of Aditya’s story that is now being widely circulated amongst the online community.

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