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HEROIC: Indian Navy Lieutenant Notices Man Drowning At A Kerala Beach, Risks It All To Rescue Him

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Lieutenant Rahul Dalal of Indian Navy has gone viral on Internet for saving a drowning man in Kerala
  • The Navy has posted the story of the officer's heroic deed
  • The Lieutenant has won praise from all quarters

Indian Navy Lieutenant Rahul Dalal has been hailed for his heroic act on Friday wherein he prevented a tragedy by rescuing a drowning man in Kerala. Pictures of the Indian Navy officer are being shared online, and the post related to him by the Indian Navy's official handle has gone massively viral.

According to the Indian Navy, the incident took place on Friday when Lieutenant Dalal went to the Vypin beach in Kerala with his wife. At around 4.10 pm, he noticed a man struggling in the water, unable to swim and trying to shout for help. Though there were other people at the beach, nobody was able to help the victim - identified as Aurangabad resident Dileep Kumar.

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Noticing the incident unfolding before him, Lt Dalal, without any hesitation, went to rescue the drowning man. According to the Indian Navy, though he managed to reach Kumar in just a few minutes, it took much longer to swim back with him.

"The officer also had to deal with the desperate and panicked victim who was pulling him down, putting both their lives in danger. The officer calmed the victim and made him hold onto his shoulders, after which he started swimming towards the beach," said the navy in its post on Facebook.

Once he managed to reach the shore, Lt Dalal had to deal with another obstacle as the victim was unconscious and not breathing.

Sharing two pictures of Lt Dalal helping the victim, the post also said, "When his mouth was opened, it was found that some plants were choking his air passage. Lt Dalal cleared the passage and administered Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), whereupon the victim was revived."


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