Imran Khan Goofs Up At UNGA; Calls Indian PM As 'President Modi'

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In the 74th session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in his 50 minutes blunderbuss speech made several goof ups

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Imran Khan

In the 74th session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in his 50 minutes speech made several goof ups, one of them referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘President Modi’. 

Imran Khan threatens 'another Pulwama' in his 50-minute UNGA address

In addition to the negligent reference, Imran Khan called the Pulwama attack an orchestration of India.

Imran Khan said, “a Kashmiri boy who was radicalized by the Indian security forces blew himself up on an Indian convoy, immediately India blamed us.” 

Fearmongering over the condition in Kashmir, Khan predicted that there will be a bloodbath when curfew in Kashmir is lifted. He claimed that the 900,000 troops who are in the Valley to maintain the peace, will shoot at Kashmiris retaliating against the abrogation of article 370. Curiously, the Pakistani Prime Minister referred to J&k as 'Kashmir' and not 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' which is the general stance of Pakistan.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan's maiden speech to the UN General Assembly went on for about 50 minutes, far exceeding the 15-20-minute time limit that leaders are expected to adhere to while making their national statements during the busiest time in the United Nations Headquarters. Out of the 50-minutes that he spoke from the podium of the UN General Assembly hall, half of his speech was on India and Kashmir, drumming up hysteria about nuclear war.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was the fourth leader to address the General Assembly on Friday, spoke for about 16 minutes, succinctly talking about India's development agenda and the country's focus on initiating ambitious programmes aimed at improving the lives of not only the 1.3 billion people of India but serving as an example to nations and citizens across the world.

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PM Modi's UNGA speech Vs PM Imran Khan's speech

Contrasting PM Imran Khan's 50-minute long speech, India's PM Modi wrapped up his entire speech within the allotted 15 minutes. PM Modi used the global stage to reaffirm India's commitment to fight against terror, climate change. He also showcased India as a global leader in terms of cleanliness, renewable energy and development. On the other hand, Khan fearmongered over Pakistan's helplessness to counter-terror due to its own corruption, threatened looming terror attacks and blamed the UN for not interfering in India's internal issue of abrogating article 370. He also touched barely upon Pakistan's contribution to the world and only blamed India for Pakistan's current predicament.

Imran Khan exceeded his time limit of 15-20 minutes while blabbering his anti-India rhetoric, with the red light constantly blinking. India has stated that it will use the right to reply option to Imran Khan’s speech in the UNGA. 

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