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LK Advani Gave Smriti Irani A 'life Lesson' Gift. Here's All You Need To Know About It

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Taking to Instagram, Union Minister Smriti Irani expressed her gratitude towards BJP senior leader LK Advani for the gift he presented to her. 

Presenting her with the book ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff,’ Advani signed it saying, “Highly recommended to Smriti- L.K Advani.” Warmed by this gesture Irani shared the moment on Instagram and captioned it saying, “When elders give you advice, it becomes a life lesson.”

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The book by Richard Carlson, published in 1997 is the culmination of ideas to prevent struggles in life, where possible. The 100 approaches have been expounded into short stories.

The book is a blueprint to bringing perspective and peace into life; devastating the demands of contemporary lifestyle and culture that we reside in.  It holds uplifting ideas, asking the readers to not worry about having bad feelings. It advises to not dispose of the feelings but place it into a wider context. 

Author Carlson preached on becoming an early riser, that has revolutionised his life, also elaborating on the idea of ‘golden hour’ which can be spent in reading, meditating or pondering upon life in peace and isolation. 

The author acknowledges his good fortune on being around gentle and calm people. He says if the inner peace becomes a part of the habit, there is comfort in achieving goals. 

The book also advised refraining from interrupting people and gives bits of advice to live in the present moment. It also has an unconventional advice, ‘allow yourself to be bored,’ and not be afraid of the unfilled moment.   

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It speaks of self-accomplishment, over the external achievements. Other strategies in the book included- ‘be grateful when you feel good, and graceful when you feel bad’ 

Concluding, the book is simplistic, grounded and therapeutic for many. It emphasises on the idea that be more conscious of your thoughts, as you are in a position to change your thoughts and thus your feelings. 

The author has studied the psychology of happiness for his doctorate.