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Made In India: IIT Delhi Develops Waterless Body Bath, Indian Soldiers In Siachen Likely To Avail It

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Researchers at IIT Delhi have developed a gel-based waterless bath and shampoo
  • The product is likely to be used by Indian Army soldiers at Siachen.

Researchers at IIT Delhi have come up with an excellent solution for those who cannot use water for bathing and hygiene reasons. They have developed a gel-based waterless bath and shampoo. The researchers partnered with Clensta for developing the product. 

The product can also be used at extreme weather conditions including in under 60 degree celsius.

The product is likely to be used by Indian Army soldiers at Siachen. As per reports the product has been tested and ordered by a Kolkata-based Eastern Command that keeps a check on India’s disputed border with China.  The product has been availed by soldiers at the Line of Actual Control with China in the Northeast and found it useful.

Among several geographical and climate-based challenges, one of the issues the soldiers at Siachen face is water scarcity. Due to this, they have to live without bathing for about three months.

There are at least 3000 soldiers at Siachen many of whom are posted at  checkpoints on the glacier are above 16,000 feet above sea level. At times they are posted at checkpoints as high as 27,000 feet.

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The soldiers have to trek for almost 28 days covering a stretch of 128 km to reach some of the farthest pickets on the glacier.

The makers of the product have said that it was developed particularly for defence personnel to avail them of products for maintaining personal body hygiene.

"The concept has delineated a new approach to bathing as it takes away the rinsing element from water while not compromising on the hygiene. The products are primarily targeted to address the needs of the personnel in armed forces deployed in water scarce areas like operational forces, Submarines, Special Forces, patients being treated in hospital, long distance travelers and those interested in trekking & camping and many others."

The Army Design Bureau (ADB) has facilitated the availability of waterless body wash.

An officer in the army has told a media publication the product is a great move from the point of view of personal hygiene.

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