Netaji Researchers Hit Out At Govt On Declassified Files, Ask Where Are The IB Files?

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Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose who are researchers and founders of Mission Netaji have slammed the government over its claim of declassifying Netaji's files

Written By Suryagni Roy | Mumbai | Updated On:

A press release from the Press Information Bureau of Government of India stated that all classified files pertaining to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose have been made public. A total of 304 declassified records and files have been transferred to the National Archives of India for permanent retention. Out of 304 files, 303 files are already uploaded on the Netaji web portal (

The National Archives of India acts as the custodian of declassified files and records of the Government of India. All these files were made public under the Public Records Rules, 1997. Even after the government making all the files public, it has drawn criticism from Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose, who are researchers and founders of Mission Netaji. 

In an interview with Republic TV, Anuj Dhar lashed out at the Government for claiming that all files pertaining to Netaji have been declassified.

"The government is lying when it says it has declassified all files. Giving a sweeping statement that all files are public is a lie. What about the Intelligence Bureau (IB) files? Not saying that making them public will crack this case but it's wrong to say that all are declassified. IB had sent an affidavit to Mukherjee Commission with 77 files. Where are they? We have mastered the game of secrecy", stated Dhar, a former journalist who turned an extensive researcher on Netaji's life. 

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Dhar and Ghose continue to chase the trail of Bose's mysterious death

Dhar and Ghose wrote Conundrum on Subhash Bose’s Life After Death, after carrying out extensive research. Both of them have been pursuing the trail of Subhas Chandra Bose’s mysterious death in an air crash, and the existence of a Gumnaami Baba in Faizabad, UP, a couple of years after the incident.

Chandrachur Ghose who along with Dhar has been at the forefront of stating that Bose didn't die in the air crash, hit out at the Bose family for their non-acceptance of the Gumnami angle.

Claiming to have challenged the Bose family for a debate with facts on Netaji, Ghose stated that the family members never responded to it. He said, "Family is playing willfully blind. I have challenged them for debate. We'll show our evidence and they show theirs. Stating that our narrative is fake doesn't make it fake.  We support the family's claim for a DNA test of the ashes at the Rinkoji temple. Want a fair and transparent test. We go to the FBI for everything, why can't we go to them for this. A free and fair transparent. We have written a book where we have shown evidence that Gumnami Baba was Subhash Bose. We have shown massive evidence, there is no major proof for other theories like a plane crash and Russian theory."

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