Netizens In Love With Video Of Dad-daughter Rejoicing Over New Cycle

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An incident wherein a father and his daughter in a village were witnessed celebrating the purchase of their new cycle has gone viral on social media platforms

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:
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With today's world and people obsessing over materialistic things, fancy homes, luxury vacations, has resulted in people not enjoying the most important moments of their life. A recent incident wherein a father and his daughter in a village were witnessed celebrating the purchase of their new cycle has gone viral on social media platforms.

Simple joys in life

The widely shared video showcases the young girl to be very excited, jumping up and down, clapping her hands as her father is tying a garland at the front of the cycle. The man seemed to be visibly happy as he watered the garland as part of the celebration process and bowed down, while his daughter imitated all his actions. It may be a simple thing for a few but it was a big achievement for the daddy-daughter duo.

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A few Twitter users commented about the heartwarming video clip with one talking about how happiness has no definite form as pure joy lies in celebrating the little things in life. One user called the young girl as the daughter of India. 

Another user talked about how happy the family was at such a simple thing.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was also tagged in the tweet due to his progressive measures of empowering girls in India with his BetiPadhao Beti Bachao campaign. 

Campaign towards a better future

When Narendra Modi led government kick-started the campaign, the Indian PM gave a speech wherein he talked about how it is a crime to kill a girl child and how people should take joy in having a girl in their houses. He further added that everyone should collectively end the hostility towards girls, stating that it will act as a key point to put a stop on female foeticide. 

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PM Modi cited the famous Urdu scholar from Panipat, Altaf Hussain Haali - O Sisters, moms, little girls - you are the adornments of the world, you are the life of countries, the pride of human civilizations. He additionally cited from other old sacred texts to feature the significance given to girls.

The Prime Minister talked Kalpana Chawla, who was initially from Haryana, as an example of how girls could exceed expectations and make a name for themselves at a global stage. He said girls were today doing great in sports and making great contributions to the field of academics and medicine. With the event being held in the city of Patna, Narendra Modi added that the message for every single Indian living in India to fulfill their duties of protecting the girl child and giving them the platform to make it big in life.

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