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'Smart Mitri': AI Enabled She-Robot Makes Its Debut In Bengaluru

Written By Karthik K | Mumbai | Published:

The field of robotics has evolved by the years and now robots have got more smarter and efficient. Smartworks on Thursday launched the first of its kind AI enabled She-Robot in Bengaluru. Perhaps not as amusing and enterprising as the robots you have seen on-screen, this robot can identify people,their voices and communicate efficiently. Interestingly, Mitri will officially be working as a receptionist at the Smartworks facility at Bellandur in Bengaluru.

This smart robot tends to facilitate a lot of activities:

  • Emphasize on safety, wellness and productivity. 
  • Serves the purpose as a receptionist
  • It also helps in getting/registering data of the person who comes for the first time.
  • It has a face recogniser and also can recognise voices. 

The CEO of Invento Robotics, Balaji Vishwanathan said:

 “Productivity and employee engagement are big focus areas for every employer today. In the knowledge er, the traditional approach to employee engagement and productivity needs to be turned on its head. Ivento in partnership with smartworks is finding new ways to enhance these interventions. The Mitra AI robots are a key element to make this a reality.”

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Similar smart robots have also started making their way to the banking sector. With the progress in technology the use of robots enabled by artificial intelligence is only expected to be used more frequently in other sectors as well. Several countries like US and China have maximised the use of robots especially in industries.  

The CEO of Invento Robotics, Balaji Vishwanathan said that they are working on updating the robots as per the feedback they get from people. 

Although robots cannot replace or equal the efficiency of human workforce in the near future, the use of technology to improve productivity cannot be avoided. Smart Mitra also has a proud legacy, its male counterpart Mitra roboo welcomed US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump at Hyderabad in November 2017. The developers said that the robot has developed more capabilities ever since. From becoming more smarter to accepting more commands Mitri is the advanced version of its predecessor Mitra.