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WB BJP's Dilip Ghosh Denies Passage To Ambulance, Justifies Saying He Didn't See A Patient

Dilip Ghosh on Monday denied passage to an ambulance saying it would have disturb his public meeting and instead asked the ambulance driver to take a detour

West Bengal

In a condemnable incident, West Bengal BJP unit President Dilip Ghosh on Monday refused to make way for an ambulance. The incident took place at a street meeting in the state's Nadia district. The BJP leader purportedly declined passage to the ambulance stating that the movement of the vehicle would create a disturbance in his rally. He, instead, asked the ambulance driver to take a detour.

The incident took place in Krishnanagar on Monday near the district administrative building where Ghosh was addressing a meeting regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Just when Ghosh began with his speech, the ambulance drove in from the right side of the stage, following which Ghosh was heard asking the ambulance driver to take a detour.

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"You can't go this way. People are sitting on the road. There will be a disturbance. You take a detour," the BJP leader said.

However, later, reacting to the incident, Ghosh claimed the incident to be a conspiracy to derail and interrupt his meeting. A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) district leader has spoken about the incident and claimed that the ambulance was not carrying any patients at the time of the BJP meeting - though that's hardly any defence as the ambulance could easily have been on its way to help a patient.

The BJP leader in a statement given to a news agency said, "It was asked to take a detour because there were no patients inside. We would have given it the right of way if a patient was there."

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Earlier on November 14, 2019, an ambulance was reportedly stuck for more than five minutes inside the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) as the gates of the University were locked due to protests at the campus over fee hike. According to reports, a couple of protesters objected to the locked gates and even tried to break the gates with rods and sticks, following which the ambulance was allowed to go ahead by the college authorities.

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