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WSJ Touts 'We Have Recording' As Ankit Sharma's Kin Claims Being Misquoted In Its Report

WSJ has stood by its report quoting slain IB officer Ankit Sharma's brother stating that they have his quote's recording, as he refuted its murder report


As Delhi police probes into a complaint against American news agency Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) report on IB officer Ankit Sharma murder, the WSJ has stood by its report quoting Sharma's brother - Ankur, stating that they have his quote's recording. The Delhi police who have received the case from Maharashtra Cyber Cell has met the I&B ministry regarding the same. The complainant Legal Rights Observatory- LRO (activist group)  had alleged that  WSJ had allegedly 'misreported on Delhi violence and murder of IB official Ankit Sharma'.

'I never passed any such statements to WSJ': Murdered IB officer Ankit's brother Ankur

WSJ alleges 'Hindu mob killed Ankit Sharma', complaint filed

The complaint has accused WSJ of 'defaming particular religion & spreading communal tension'. WSJ had alleged that a Hindu mob chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' had murdered Ankit Sharma. Moreover, WSJ had quoted Ankit's brother Ankur as having said that Ankit was killed by a mob chanting 'Jai Shri Ram', which he has refuted.

He said, "I never gave such a statement to the Wall Street Journal. This is a ploy to defame my brother and my family. Wall Street Journal is lying".

Maharashtra Cyber Cell transfers complaint against WSJ's riot reporting to Delhi Police

What did the Wall Street Journal report?

The report titled “India’s Ruling Party, Government Slammed Over Delhi Violence” claims that 'rioters armed with stones, rods, knives and even sword' had charged into the street where Sharma's home was situated, quoting Ankur. WSJ quoted Ankur saying, "they shouted 'Jai Shri Ram' [Glory to Lord Ram]; some even wore helmets'. Moreover, WSJ added Ankur stating 'they started throwing stones and bricks at the residents, who rushed to Ankit to help... Later, his body was found in a ditch."

Complaint filed over its reporting of Ankit Sharma's murder; here's what WSJ reported

IB Officer's family alleges murder-link with Tahir Hussain

On Wednesday, the family of the martyred IB Officer Ankit Sharma alleged that AAP leader Tahir Hussain was behind the attack on the officer stating that Hussain had housed multiple goons at his place. They also alleged that Hussain is in possession of guns, petrol bombs, and swords and that Sharma was allegedly brutally murdered in Chand Bagh by 'outsider goons' brought allegedly by Hussain. Hussain, who has now been suspended by AAP, has been named in the FIR  registered in the Sharma's murder case under Section 302 of the Indian penal code.

Complaint filed against WSJ on alleged misreporting of IB officer's murder in Delhi riots

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