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Bihar News Updates: CBI Raids Underway At 25 Locations; Nitish Kumar Govt Wins Trust Vote

Hours ahead of the floor test in Bihar on August 24, the CBI conducted raids on 4 RJD leaders in connection with the land-for-job scam. This included RJD MLC Sunil Singh- a close aide of party supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. Reacting to this development, RJD and JDU hit out at BJP and alleged that the central investigative agencies are being misused to pressurize MLAs.

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22:29 IST, August 24th 2022
Raids at MP Fayaz Ahmed Khan's residence still underway

CBI raids are going on at the house of MP Fayaz Ahmed in Anchor Madhubani since 6 am. The raids on the residence and Madhubani Medical College are going on for 12 hours. There is a gathering of RJD and Mahagathbandhan workers in front of the house of Rajya Sabha MP Fayyaz Ahmed.

21:32 IST, August 24th 2022
CBI raids at RJD leader Sunil Singh's residence complete; sleuths leave after 11 hours

After over an 11-hour-long raid, the CBI team leaves the residence of RJD leader Sunil Singh in connection with the alleged land-for-job scam case.


20:54 IST, August 24th 2022
Raids continue in connection with Land-for-Job scam

CBI sources revealed that in today's raids at 25 different locations in connection with the Land-for-Job scam, over 200 land deeds have been recovered. Raids continue. 

20:24 IST, August 24th 2022
Massive recovery by CBI in pan-India raids

As CBI raids were underway pan-India in connection with the Land-for-Job scam, Republic learnt that the Central agency have made massive recoveries. Sources told the channel that 200 deeds were recovered, even though the FIR mentioned just 5 Sale Deeds and 2 Gift Deeds. 

19:52 IST, August 24th 2022
CBI raids underway at multiple locations

CBI raids are underway at the residence of RJD MPs Faiyaz Ahmad and Asfaq Karim. CBI is also conducting raids at the residences of RJD MLC Sunil Kumar Singh, former RJD MLC Subodh Rai and former RJD MLA Abu Dojana.

19:18 IST, August 24th 2022
RJD's Manoj Jha reminds BJP 'Bihar thrown them out of power'

Speaking to the media, RJD's Manoj Jha reminded BJP that 'Bihar had thrown them out of power'. "They should learn a lesson from this," he said. 

19:10 IST, August 24th 2022
'When the law is taking its course, there should be no politics': BJP's Sushil Kumar Modi

Amid CBI raids in the Land-for-Job scam, BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi highlighted how in the corruption case against RJD leaders, the documents of evidence were provided by the people of JD-U to the investigating agencies. "When the law is taking its course, then there should be no politics on it," he said in a tweet. 


18:42 IST, August 24th 2022
BJP elects Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council leaders in Bihar

After a fiery session in the Bihar Assembly, BJP made changes in its leadership in the state. Vijay Kumar Sinha was elected as legislative Assembly leader of the BJP and Samrat Chaudhry was elected as legislative council leader of the party. 


18:35 IST, August 24th 2022
BJP's Giriraj Singh says 'Law will take its course'

BJP's Giriraj Singh, while speaking to the media amid Tejashwi Yadav crying foul over CBI raids in Bihar, said, "Law will take its course". Coming to Nitish Kumar, he said, "His face was not as glowing at it used to be."

18:17 IST, August 24th 2022
Bihar Land-for-Jobs scam: Deeds show Rabri Devi as beneficiary, Lalu's aide as witness?

As the Bihar Land for Jobs scam exploded on Wednesday with raids on multiple leaders linked with the RJD, Republic accessed sensational 'gifts' land deeds. In the accessed gift deed pertaining to land, there are signatures of Lalu Prasad Yadav's wife and former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi as beneficiary. Also, their aide, Bhola Yadav has signed as a witness.

The deeds show how the likes of Bhola Yadav, now arrested, seemingly facilitated in the scheme, as part of which several people, appointees in Railways, allegedly gifted land to the Lalu Yadav family when the RJD supremo was the Railway Minister in the UPA government. The value of the land parcels is pegged at an alleged estimated Rs 4.4 crore. 

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17:57 IST, August 24th 2022
Tejashwi Yadav tries distancing from CBI raids in Land for Job scam

Tejashwi Yadav, while addressing the media, tried distancing himself from CBI raids in the Land for Job scam. He said, "CBI is conducting a raid at a mall in Gurugram, Haryana. I have got information that this mall which is currently being raided by CBI was inaugurated by a BJP MP. Don't know why my name is being dragged into this, a narrative is being created by some." 

17:33 IST, August 24th 2022
'Should we just let you go?' asks BJP as RJD cries foul over CBI raids

Nitin Navin, BJP leader and former Minister of Road Construction, on CBI raids coinciding with the JDU-RJD trust vote in the Bihar Assembly, said, "The CBI is not going to look at the time & the schedules to conduct raids. The agency is going to act against the accused and the suspects in the case. Those having trouble with the action should have thought twice before indulging in the scam." 

Attacking the Yadavs, Navin further said, "Till yesterday, they were saying 'we are in opposition and that is why they are taking action' and now they are saying that we are in power and that is why they are taking action'. Should we just let you go in this case?" 

17:19 IST, August 24th 2022
Elections for Bihar Assembly Speaker on August 26

Elections for Bihar Assembly Speaker are scheduled for August 26, after Vijay Kumar Sinha's resignation from the post in the Assembly earlier in the day. 

17:05 IST, August 24th 2022
Republic Super Exclusive on Mega Land for Job Scam


17:00 IST, August 24th 2022
Nitish Kumar-led govt wins trust vote in Bihar Assembly

Nitish Kumar-led Mahagathbandhan wins trust vote as Opposition walks out of Bihar Assembly before the commencement of voting. 

16:50 IST, August 24th 2022
'So many called appreciating my decision': Nitish Kumar on JDU's split with NDA

Nitish Kumar, recollecting JDU's split with NDA, said, "So many parties from all across called saying that you took a very good decision...I told them to maintain this unity and the way to 2024 would be easy." 

16:36 IST, August 24th 2022
'I don't want to become anything': Nitish Kumar on buzz around him having Prime Ministerial aspirations

Nitish Kumar goes all guns blazing at BJP in the Assembly. Speaking on the buzz around him having Prime Ministerial aspirations, the Bihar CM said, "I don't want to become anything...Today, I am working then you are having problems...Now, they have nothing."


16:32 IST, August 24th 2022
Nitish Kumar rakes up controversy around CMship in BJP-JDU regime

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar addressing the assembly said, "I was told back then that Nand Kishore Yadav will be made the CM, but instead of him I was made the CM." Tune into watch here:- 


16:25 IST, August 24th 2022
Lalu Prasad Yadav acquitted in Model Code of Conduct case

RJD chief and former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav has been acquitted in the Model Code of Conduct case. Yadav was acquitted on the basis of witnesses and evidence by the Civil Court of Hajipur in the case, which pertained to him making caste-based remarks during the 2015 Bihar Assembly Election campaign, and thus, violating the code. 


16:04 IST, August 24th 2022
'We are cricketer's and this pair-- RJD-JDU-- is going to have never-ending partnership': Tejashwi Yadav

Tejashwi Yadav further said, "We are cricketers and this pair (RJD and JDU) is going to have a never-ending partnership. This is going to be the longest inning, this partnership will be working for the development of Bihar and the country. No one is getting run out this time." 

15:54 IST, August 24th 2022
When BJP is losing, it puts forth its three Jamais- CBI, ED and IT: Tejashwi Yadav

Tejashwi Yadav said, "When BJP fears or loses in the state, it puts ahead its three 'jamai', CBI, ED and IT... When I go to foreign countries, BJP issues lookout notices against me & when fraudsters like Nirav Modi run away, they don't do anything." 

15:44 IST, August 24th 2022
'We are not people who will be scared': Tejashwi Yadav amid raids

Tejashwi Yadav, Deputy Chief Minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal leader, spoke on the ongoing raids on the Yadav family in the Assembly, saying, 'It is unfortunate that the agencies are not doing their job properly. In 2017 also, we were investigated and again they have raked up the issue'. 


15:35 IST, August 24th 2022
JDU-RJD takes poetic dig at BJP: WATCH

Inside the Bihar Assembly. RJD-JDU took a dig at BJP citing Harivansh Rai Bachchan's poetry- "Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha...Woh Toot Gaya Toh Rona Kya"


14:31 IST, August 24th 2022
Nitish Kumar proposes vote of confidence

The Assembly session was extended till July 26. Thereafter, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar proposed a vote of confidence. Subsequently, Tarkishore Prasad commenced his speech on the motion. 

14:08 IST, August 24th 2022
Bihar Assembly session adjourned to 2.30 pm

The Bihar Assembly was adjourned to 2.30 pm. The session was chaired by Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari. 

14:00 IST, August 24th 2022
Sushil Modi hails Speaker's speech

Former Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi hailed the speech delivered by BJP MLA Vijay Sinha who resigned as the Assembly Speaker. He stressed, "Democracy will always remember your contribution in the smooth running of the house. Kudos to Vijay Kumar Sinha". 


13:43 IST, August 24th 2022
Visuals from raid in Gurugram

A CBI raid is underway at Whiteland Corporation Private Limited, located in the Worldmark building in Sector 65 of Gurugram. CBI raids are underway at 25 places in Delhi, Haryana's Gurugram and Bihar's Patna, Katihar & Madhubani, in connection with the land for job scam case.


13:12 IST, August 24th 2022
Vijay Sinha reflects on resignation

Speaking to the media after tendering his resignation as the Speaker, BJP's Vijay Sinha said, "In the same House that gave me the honour of being the Speaker, I had said earlier that I won't resign outside. I'll speak on matters related to the Assembly, in the Assembly. I presented the entire issue before all MLAs."


12:45 IST, August 24th 2022
Tejashwi Yadav to speak on CBI raids in Assembly

"All answers will be given inside (the Assembly)," Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav told the media ahead of the Floor Test of the Nitish Kumar-led Government.


12:41 IST, August 24th 2022
Deputy Speaker to chair session

Speaking to the media after sitting on the chair of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari stated that he will chair the session and not Narendra Narayan Yadav as announced by outgoing Speaker Vijay Sinha. The JDU leader stressed, "As per the rules of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, the Deputy Speaker will conduct the proceedings when the Speaker is not there. When the Speaker has resigned, the Deputy Speaker will assume his powers. Nothing happens if someone says something. He might be jealous of me as I speak the truth. He went from the Assembly by saying an unconstitutional thing. Because I hail from the Dalit community, he wished that a person from the Dalit community should not sit on this chair".