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BJP Complains To EC Against Kamal Nath's 'item' Jibe; MP CM Shivraj To Hold Silent Protest

Taking action against Madhya Pradesh ex-CM Kamal Nath on Sunday, BJP has filed a complaint with Election Commission for his 'item' remark on Imarti Devi

Jyotiraditya Scindia

Taking action against Madhya Pradesh ex-CM Kamal Nath on Sunday, BJP has filed a complaint with the Election Commission against Nath for his 'item' remark against the state's Minister of Women and Child Development Imarti Devi. BJP has demanded that Kamal Nath's election programs must be banned and have decided to complain to the Women's Commission and Scheduled Caste Commission regarding the remark. CM Shivraj Chouhan has announced that he will hold a 2-hour silent protest at Bhopal on Monday, while several BJP workers burnt effigies of Kamal Nath

Scindia & CM Shivraj Chouhan lash out at Kamal Nath

Slamming Nath and Congress' mentality, CM Shivraj Chouhan said, "Kamal Nath, today you again showed the distorted and disgusting mentality of the Congress through your petty statement. You have insulted not only Imarti Devi, but every daughter and sister of the Gwalior-Chambal region.  This is that India, where the insult of Draupadi led to the destruction of the entire Kaurav dynasty. Imarti Devi was the name of a poor farmer's daughter, who had risen up on her own. Kamal Nath, who gave you the right to insult the honor of any woman?"

Before MP bypolls, Kamal Nath calls Imarti Devi 'Item'; BJP says 'Women in state insulted' 

Defending his loyalist -Imarti Devi - who had quit Congress after him, BJP MP Jyotiraditya Scindia lashed out at Kamal Nath, saying, "What language is being used today against Imarti Devi? She is a minister and was a minister in the previous cabinet. A Dalit woman, who became a Sarpanch, then a district chief, an MLA and is a grounded politician. Kamal Nath calls her an 'item', Ajay Singh calls her 'Jalebi'. Close the door on such people - who insult women on November 3."

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Kamal Nath calls Imarti Devi 'item'

Earlier in the day, ex-CM Kamal Nath referred to Scindia loyalist and minister Imarti Devi as an 'item', while addressing a rally in Dabra. Backing the Congress candidate - Suresh Raje, he contrasted Raje's 'simple' nature to Imarti Devi's 'flipping' to BJP. He jokingly told the people, 'you should have warned me of her nature'. Meanwhile, Congress leader Ajay Singh stirred another controversy, calling Imarti Devi as 'Jalebi Devi' - referring to the famous sweetmeat.

"Our candidate Suresh Raje is simple. He is not like that (Imarti Devi). You know her better, you should have warned me. What an item (example) she was. So vote for Suresh Raje to keep Chambal & Gwalior futures secure," he said. Raje faces Imarti Devi for the constituency seat in Dabra. The State assembly's 28 seats will go to by-polls on November 3 and counting on November 10. 

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