BJP's Ram Madhav Calls Oppn 'knowledge-proof', Says Info Doesn't Enter Their Mind


BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav took a sarcastic jibe at the opposition parties who are inciting protests against CAA calling them 'knowledge-proof.'

Written By Ananya Varma | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Monday, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav took a sarcastic jibe at the opposition parties who are inciting protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) calling them "knowledge-proof and information-proof". Ram Madhav compared their intelligence levels to 'waterproof watches'. He stated that the way such watches prevent water from entering in is the same way in which the brains of the opposition leaders prevent information from entering in. "Knowledge and information don't enter into their mind," said the BJP secretary. 

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"In our school days, there was a fashion of waterproof watches. It is the type of watch in which water doesn't enter. Similarly, the mind of opposition leaders who are opposing the CAA is knowledge proof and information proof," said Ram Madhav.

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'Ignorance or deliberate distortion of facts' 

Ram Madhav said that even a cursory reading of the law/Act would have made the opposition leaders realize that the CAA has nothing to do with taking away Citizenship of anybody. "Controversy surrounding CAA is the result of either out of ignorance or deliberate distortion of facts. Even a cursory reading of Act would make them understand that the Act is not about taking away the Citizenship" he said.

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Ram Madhav accuses Congress

After addressing the legislators and other BJP leaders on the CAA on Monday, Ram Madhav while addressing the media blamed the Congress party for "instigating violence" and "provoking people." Madhav said, “The Congress and other opposition parties are instigating violence and provoking the people. There is recorded evidence of the Congress leaders asking people to indulge in violence."

Furthermore, Ram Madhav said that the opposition is taking the "support of communal forces" to create unrest and disturbance in the country. "This is deliberately being promoted as they (opposition parties) are not able to face the BJP on political ground. So, they are using communal and violent means to challenge the government.” 

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