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Kumaraswamy Claims He Was Threatened To Donate Funds For Ram Mandir; Repeats RSS-Nazi Jibe

HD Kumaraswamy once again questioned the raising of funds for the Ram Mandir & alleged that unauthorized persons were collecting money in Lord Ram's name


Former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy once again questioned the collection of funds for the construction of the Ram Mandir, alleging that unauthorized persons were collecting money in the name of Lord Ram. The JD(S) leader stoked controversy a day earlier after claiming that volunteers marked the houses of those who did not contribute funds for the temple and that the RSS and Nazis were similar to each other. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Kumaraswamy made a similar statement, accusing some people in the state of performing 'RSS and Nazi activities'. 

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HD Kumaraswamy claimed that he was threatened at home and was demanded money from for the construction of the Ram Mandir by volunteers. The former Karnataka CM further questioned the need to paste stickers on the houses. Responding to the flak he received from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal over his statements on the fundraising for Ram Mandir, HD Kumaraswamy said that he was aware of the criticism but did not name anyone. Reacting to the arrest of two PFI members from Kerala, the former Karnataka CM claimed that whoever attempted to voice their opinions were named terrorists and noted that the BJP and the PFI came together in an alliance in the Mangalore Gram Panchayat election. 

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HDK alleges use of 'Nazi tactics' for Ram Mandir fundraising

In a departure from JD(S)'s bonhomie with BJP, ex-Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy on Monday claimed that there is an "undeclared emergency" in India at present. Pointing out that RSS was founded at the same time as the Nazi Party in Germany, he expressed concern that it is trying to implement similar policies adopted by the Nazis. For instance, he claimed that people collecting donations for the construction of Ram Mandir are separately marking houses of those who paid money and those who did not. According to him, the fundamental rights of people are currently being snatched away in the country. Maintaining that one cannot freely express his or her views, the JD(S) legislator opined that the fate of the common man does not appear bright. 

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VHP lashes out at Kumaraswamy

"It happens to be a highly irresponsible tweet coming in from the former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Sri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpana Abhiyan. The volunteers of various organisations including VHP are reaching out to all sections of the society and the society is responding positively and contributing towards the construction of the grand temple at Ayodhya. The volunteers do not even demand money from people and the outreach is merely to enable the whole country take part in the contributions as everyone believes strongly that Sri Ram is the identity of Bharat and one would want to emulate Prabhu Sri Ram's ideals in life.

Former CM doesn't even check facts nor provide one before making remarks. 

VHP takes serious note of baseless allegations made by an individual who held highest office of the state. The VHP also condemns Kumaraswamy's statement for making unwarranted remarks on the patriotic organization RSS. 

VHP also expresses concern over degradation in public discourse coming from a former CM. 

Organizing Secretary
VHP, Karnataka"

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