National Approval Ratings: In Assam, NDA Projected To Be On Upswing As UPA Falls Back

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

With the Lok Sabha elections 2019 inching closer, Republic and CVoter are back with the National Approval Ratings to give a complete picture as to who will win if polls are held today in the state of Assam. In the state of Assam, there are 14 crucial Lok Sabha seats and looking at the projections of December's edition of approval ratings not much has changed politically in the region. Here's the projected breakdown of seat share and vote share in the state. 


  • The BJP + BPF+AGP combine is projected to hold seat share of 9 seats with the BJP gaining one seat when compared to 2014 general elections. In terms of vote share, NDA to face minor fall of 1%
  • On the other hand, UPA is projected to get a 41.5% vote share and 4 seats. When compared to 2014 elections, it is a one-seat gain for UPA in 2019 
  • The AIUDF is projected to win a vote share of 3.5% and a seat share of 1 seat which is an 11.3% fall from 2014 in terms of vote share and 2 seat fall in terms of seat share
  • Seat Share:

UPA: 4 seats

NDA:  9 seats

Other Parties: 1 seat

  • Vote Share:

UPA: 41.5%

NDA: 44.0%

Others: 3.5% 

Total:  11.1%

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  • In a what-if scenario of the AIUDF forming a post-poll alliance with the UPA, the effective result would be a projected 5 seats from Assam going the UPA way.

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2018 has been a blockbuster year so far as far as the political landscape of India is concerned. With the countdown to the all-important 2019 Lok Sabha polls on, and with the results out for the critical assembly elections in five states, December may just be the most important month in terms of deciding who will come up trumps in the general elections.

The results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections may or may not reflect the results or scenarios of the state assembly elections, nevertheless, to establish where we stand at present, Republic TV and CVoter has presented the National Approval Ratings.


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