PM Modi: 'Nadda Ji's Leadership Will Give New Energy, Hope And Inspiration To BJP'


After JP Nadda took charge as the President of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday, PM Modi congratulated him & praised his commitment towards the party.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:
PM Modi

After JP Nadda took charge as the President of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday, PM Modi congratulated him and praised his past work and commitment towards the party. He also highlighted the evolution of BJP in his address. PM Modi said JP Nadda’s leadership will give the party a new “energy, hope, and inspiration”. 

PM Modi praises JP Nadda 

Talking about the party’s aspirations and praising JP Nadda, PM Modi said, “I'm sure that under the leadership of JP Nadda party will move forward with its core values. The BJP may face more difficulty in the future, and we must be ready. According to the needs and desires of the nation, moulding the workers and taking India ahead is our target. A party worker, constantly taking on whatever his power and strength is while fulfilling the responsibility that he gets and trying to give his best, we have seen all of this in Nadda Ji.” 

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“Nadda Ji's leadership will give us new energy, hope, and inspiration. We must ensure that he is successful. Whatever he asks for, we must deliver. As a party worker, we must walk with our core values in the journey ahead with love for our motherland. We have to move forward with the same faith, the leadership of Nadda Ji will give us new inspiration and energy and it is the job of all of us party workers to make Nadda ji glorious. Whatever Nadda ji wants, we should complete it,” PM added.  

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PM Modi on BJP’s evolution 

Talking about BJP’s evolution as a party, PM Modi said, “It is a matter of great pride for all of us that we have spent 4-5 generations on upholding the ideals and values in politics. The BJP has taken on the same ideals and aspirations. From the very beginning, the nature of the party has been that it will expand horizontally and vertically. It is because of this tradition; BJP has a new generation of people who are succeeding in taking the party forward”. 

“Elections are an ongoing process for political parties. It has been BJP's speciality to run its proceedings democratically. We're not here for a short while, we're here to serve our mother India for a long time. Our party has been running on the tracks of conflict and organization,” he added.  

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PM Modi further said, “It is the aim of our party to fight for the problems of the country, to increase the organisation, to develop the worker, but running the party while in power is a big challenge in itself.  In such a short span of time, the BJP has expanded, connected itself with public aspirations and also made timely changes. BJP had widened its reach under Amit Shah's tenure as National President of the party”. 

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