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Missing for 3 Days, Body Cut into Pieces After Killing: Shocking Facts Emerge in Kolkata Murder Case

Identified as Durga Sarkhel, the deceased was a resident of Padmpurpur in Kolkata’s Khidirpur area; she was missing for past 3 days

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Police recovered a dismembered corpse of a young woman from an abandoned house in South Kolkata's Watganj on Tuesday evening | Image:pexels

Kolkata Murder Case: With fresh revelations coming to the fore in connection with the recovery of a severed head of a woman, the murder mystery in Kolkata seems to have intensified. While the recovery of the mutilated body was recovered from an abandoned house in South Kolkata's Watganj on Tuesday evening, preliminary investigation has revealed startling details.

Fresh Revelations Made in the Watganj Murder Mystery: What We Know So Far

  • The body of the deceased has been identified. The name of the deceased woman is Durga Sarkhel.
  • As per reports, Durga Sarkhel was missing for the past three days before her murder.
  • Investigation has further revealed that the deceased was a resident of Padmpurpur in Kolkata’s Khidirpur area.
  • According to police, following the post-mortem, drugs were found in the young woman's body. Liquor has also been found in the post-mortem.
  • According to investigating doctors, the murder reportedly took place around 10 hours before the body was discovered.
  • Another shocking fact revealed by the probe team is that following the murder, the body was cut into pieces with a sharp weapon.
  • Based on circumstantial evidence, investigators believe that the killer had planned to use a metal object to drown the body.
  • Doctors have confirmed that slitting the woman’s throat led to her death. The wound found on the neck was ante-mortem.

DC Port has spoken to the family of Durga Sarkhel at the police station.


What Transpired in the Gruesome Kolkata Murder

Police officials received a call at 2:50 pm that a severed head has been discovered from an abandoned building at the CISF barracks. On Tuesday evening, the police found the severed head of Durga Sarkhel. There were traces of sindur on her forehead and a bindi as well. In the same polythene bag, a brick was also discovered. Her chest was found in one of the bags, while the police is yet to find her waist. In another plastic bag, the police has recovered one leg with the feet missing. According to the police, there were no clothes found on any of the body parts. The police had suspected that the victim was killed first and her body was cut into pieces in a bid to throw it in the adjacent Hooghly river.


The police have already registered an FIR against unnamed individuals in connection with the horrific murder. Hunt is on to locate the culprits.


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