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Did You Know Having A Cat Can Better Your Health? Read Benefits Of Being A Feline Parent

Having a cat as a pet is one of the happiest parts of anyone's life but do you know they can actually help your health? Read on.

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Are you also embracing the joy of being a cat parent? Passing every second, the adoration for these fluffy creatures continues to grow among animal lovers and it is fueled not just by their charm but by scientific evidence suggesting they offer a multitude of health benefits. Whether basking in the companionship of a cuddly lap cat or sharing space with an independent introvert, the perks of having a feline friend extend far beyond mere companionship.

Here are some lesser-known scientific findings highlighting the incredible advantages of having cats in our lives:




1. Heart health

A Good Net research indicates that cat ownership can significantly reduce stress levels, consequently decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke by up to 30%.


2. Healing properties

The comforting purr of a cat isn't just a sign of contentment; it's been linked to therapeutic effects on human bones, tendons, and muscles. The frequency of a cat's purr, ranging from 20-140 HZ, aligns with frequencies known to promote joint mobility and healing in humans.


3. Improved sleep

The same report reveals that many people, particularly women, find better quality sleep when sharing their bed with a cat compared to a human partner. Research from the Mayo Clinic confirms that pets, including cats, contribute to improved sleep for 41% of individuals surveyed.



4. Attraction factor

Surveys conducted by renowned pet researcher Dr June Nicolls suggest that single women perceive men with cats as more caring and appealing, with a staggering 90% expressing a preference for pet-owning partners.

5. Stress reduction

The presence of a cat can trigger the release of calming chemicals in the body, effectively lowering stress and anxiety levels. The low-maintenance nature of cats means that a simple petting session can bring about mutual happiness for both the owner and the feline.

6. Allergy prevention

Contrary to common belief, exposure to cats at a young age may actually reduce the likelihood of developing allergies. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that children under one-year-old exposed to cats were less susceptible to various allergies later in life.


7. Digital delight

Even the act of watching cat videos online has been shown to have positive effects on viewers. Research from Indiana University Bloomington reveals that indulging in cat videos boosts energy levels and positive emotions while diminishing negative feelings.


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