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India's Most Expensive Artworks You Should Know About

Explore India's highest grossing contemporary artworks, and the reasons behind them.

India's most valuable paintings | Image:YouTube Screengrab

India's art scene has proliferated to new heights after art works like Amrita Sher-Gil's Village Scene fetched the artist a whopping Rs 37.8 crore. The south Asian country's contemporary art landscape holds a soft power in the sense that it stays true to the nation's diverse heritage and vibrant culture. These artifacts, ranging from ancient sculptures to modern masterpieces, are a testament to India's rich ever-evolving artistic thinking. Here's a glimpse into five of India's most expensive art treasures, each a marvel that has captivated collectors and art aficionados from around the globe.

Village scene

Leading the list is Amrita Sher-Gil's "Village Scene," a painting that beautifully encapsulates rural Indian life in the early 20th century, was auctioned for Rs 37.8 crores, according to Saffron Art, a Mumbai-based auction house. Sher-Gil's, known as India's Frida Kahlo, highest grossing oil painting displayed a group of women assembled close to hibiscus bush.

Image credit: YouTube Screengrab


Next, is the enigmatic painting "Birth" by F.N. Souza. This modern masterpiece, which vividly captures the genesis of life with Souza's characteristic bold strokes and emotive figures, fetched Rs 16.8 crore at a Christie's auction, as per the British auction house. 


Vasudeo S Gaitonde's abstract creations are renowned for their scenic, zen-like quality, and his untitled painting made in 1995 stands as a testament to it. The painting's mesmerising depth and texture have made it one of the most sought-after pieces in Indian art, garnering Rs 32 crore, according to Christie's auction house.

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Tyeb Mehta's Mahishasura, is a powerful depiction of the mythological tale of the buffalo demon, which has been recognised as another Indian masterpiece sold off for a hefty Rs 20.49 crore, as per a Sotheby's first India-based auction house. Mehta's use of colour and form brings the epic battle to life, making it a highly-celebrated piece among collectors.

Damayanti Talking to a Swan

Lastly, Raja Ravi Varma's Damayanti Talking to a Swan is a work of historical significance that has fetched an undisclosed high price. Varma's ability to blend European techniques with Indian themes made his works highly sought after, and this painting is no exception, celebrated massively due to his ability to communicate entire stories through them.



Published March 9th, 2024 at 23:36 IST